Mr. Gay Limerick Talks About Homophobic Bullying In Schools

Mr. Gay Limerick is a teacher who believes the Minister for Education needs to do more to stop homophobic bullying


Gay novelist and teacher Dr. Christian Moretti has chosen to use his title as Mr. Gay Limerick to raise awareness of homophobic bullying in schools. The Italian native has lived in Ireland for five years teaching Italian, Spanish and SPHE (Social Personal and Health Education).

“Since I won Mr. Gay Limerick, you know, I have been very active on the bullying aspect in general, being a teacher,” Dr. Moretti explained.

“I just thought especially when I decided to take part in the competition that a lot of people were saying ‘Oh well you probably shouldn’t be doing it because you’re a teacher.’ I said exactly because of that I should probably do it, put myself out there and give an example to people.”


Silence Isn’t Golden

“It’s very important to keep talking about these things, because sometimes people in general tend to be very silent on any issue, and they think probably, OK, if you don’t talk about it, you don’t discuss it, it will eventually go away.

“So I decided to go out there and start talking about bullying in general, but specifically in schools because it’s a big dark side really.”

“Sometimes people, especially kids, need to be educated on certain topics and certain terms. Sometimes you know, they don’t even think about what they do, especially teenagers, they just use words in a very inappropriate way, especially the lads they say oh you’re so gay and stuff like that.

“And that’s happened a few times in class. I just stopped the class and I made them reflect on the type of term that was used, [explaining] that it’s not OK to use something like that.”

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