10 LGBT Youtubers You Need To Watch Right Now

Hartbeat as Michellé on the left, max emerson centre and That trans couple with Jamie O'Herlihy and Harry Matthews on the right, three of the 10 LGBT Youtubers you need to watch right now

From rising Irish Youtube stars to hilarious international comedians, we’ve got the 10 LGBT Youtubers You Need To Watch Right Now


Youtube has become an essential part of people’s lives, with people turning to Youtubers to answer difficult questions, for exercise and diet tips, tips on coming out and so much more. That’s why if you’re not already following some of these online stars, you should definitely give them a chance.


10. Max Emerson – Maxisms

Actor, singer, director, model, landscaper – what can’t  Max Emerson do? Instagrammer ‘Maxisms’ came to the public’s awareness in 2014 with his role in Glee, his audition to be Ellen’s next hot gardener and more.

Max’s boyfriend Andres (who just happens to bear a resemblance to Taylor Lautner) comes out to the military on Max’s Youtube channel. For those who’re looking for love on dating apps, Max and Andres’ story shows that finding a partner online is possible. Watch the fun video below:


9. Davey Wavey – Wickydkewl

Davey Wavey is one of Youtubes biggest gay stars with over a million subscribers.

His Youtube Channel Wickydkewl tackles issues that gay and bi men might find interesting, with Davey Wavey exploiting his pleasing aesthetic by filming most of his videos with his top off.

Whether that’s how to sort out your body hair, or the ins and outs of online dating, Davey Wavey’s no-nonsense approach to sometimes sensitive issues like sex and PrEP makes him an essential watch for LGBT men.



8. Ari Fitz – Ari & Tomboyish

Ari Fitz makes videos every day about her life: good food, good people and good vibes as she travels the world.

Ari has another channel called Tomboyish where she gets to explore her tomboy sense of style, with interviews fashion guides and more. Check out her Tomboyish intro video below.


7. Arielle Scarcella

You may remember this lovely lady from the time she and Irish Youtuber Riyadh K stripped to show each other their privates on camera. Sound familiar? Check out their video here if you need a reminder.

For those who are entirely new to Arielle, the US based Youtuber discusses gender stereotypes, body positivity, sex and more on her channel through funny skits and interviews.



6. Jamie O’Herlihy & Harry Matthews – That Trans Couple

Irish couple Jamie and Harry are both trans and their Youtube following is steadily growing. They look at issues that face them as a trans couple.

While Jamie has more experience in the limelight having appeared on talk shows with her trans sister Chloe, Harry is dealing with being in the public eye as a Youtuber for the first time.

“We’re giving messages both to young trans guys and girls, so there’s a balance between health and the community, being trans, being a trans couple, and just being a couple,” Harry told GCN.

5. HartBeat

This next Youtuber has got almost half a million subscribers due to her hilarious videos as both herself and her alter-ego Michellé. From music videos to nudity, Heartbeat has got something for everyone.

4. Gigi Gorgeous

Since starting on YouTube seven years ago as ‘Gregory Gorgeous’, Gigi has garnered almost 2.2 million subscribers as she’s documented every aspect of her transition from male to female.

Whether it’s beauty tips, answering fan questions or telling a story, Gigi’s got that spark that you can’t help but love watching.



3. Riyadh K

Ok, so we’ve already mentioned how Riyadh and Arielle got their kit off for educational purposes on her Youtube channel, but Riyadh K is a Youtube star in his own right. With his mom reading his Grindr messages catapulting the Irish native to international fame, Riyadh tackles universal issues that LGBT people face in Ireland and across the world.

Riyadh was also involved in an incident where his fellow Youtuber Callum McSwiggan may or may not have suffered a homophobic attack before being incarcerated for damaging a vehicle.

Recently emigrated to the UK, Riyadh’s short video ‘Home‘ takes a nostalgic look at Ireland from his new home in London.

Check him out below calling the Westboro Baptist Church after his mom’s Grindr message video went viral:



1. Trixie and Katya – UNHhhh

Top of the list is RuPaul’s Drag Racers Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova and their hilarious ‘UNHhhh’.

With Trixie’s quick wit and Katya’s off-the-cuff insanity, a little Contact and a whole lot of Red Bull, these drag queens manage to be laugh out loud funny from start to finish. Couple their hilarity with some genius editing and special effects (of which there are many) and you’ve got yourself a show you’ll never want to miss!

So far there are nearly thirty episodes of UNHhhh so you’re really in for a binge-watching treat.

If there is one thing you take away from this list to add into your life, let it be UNHhhh! Here’s the first episode to give you a taste, but they definitely get funnier so watch a few before you make your decide your verdict:



Got any other Youtubers you watch religiously? Let us know your favourites in the comments below.

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