Support 'Bring These Stories Home' And Help Break The Silence

70 Irish women a week travel abroad to access safe abortion services. NOT AT HOME is an archive of their stories and they need your help.

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Picture it, a rural town, its busiest street, the voices of women, forced to travel, played loud, images of travel, space to read, space to sit, to think, to talk. No shouting, no stopwatch. Help us bring that experience all over Ireland.

NOT AT HOME is a durational art campaign which aims to make visible the experience of Irish women who have travelled abroad to access safe abortion services. They are inviting women to share their experiences with us anonymously or otherwise in order to create an archive of their stories.


At this year’s Fringe Festival, they held their first event – The Waiting Room – a durational art campaign in which these women’s experiences were made visible, they were connected in solidarity and the consequences of our abortion laws were highlighted. This was a room where we, as a nation, could wait for change.

The co-creators Emma Fraser (Nine Crows) & Grace Dyas (THEATREclub) have started an indiegogo campaign ‘BRING THESE STORIES HOME‘ which aims to fund this ongoing project.

On the site, the pair outline the necessity of this project and the ways in which you can help:

“This project was created with the intention of breaking the silence that has shrouded these experiences for generations. BRING THESE STORIES HOME, is a national campaign to bring the stories that NOT AT HOME has been gathering since April 2016 — and continues to gather — to every city, town and village in Ireland. As part of this campaign, we need venues all around the country to host NOT AT HOME and to provide the space in which these women’s stories can be seen and heard and reflected upon.

“We want it to end, but we are still getting new stories. Every day, more women are adding their stories to the archive. More stories of our mothers and daughters, our sisters and our friends. More stories of exile, of abandonment and of shame. We want to bring these stories home. Home to where they came from. Home to every village, every estate, every suburb.

NOT AT HOME is bringing women's lived experiences of having to travel abroad to access safe abortion services, to the NCAD Gallery on Thomas Street. Open till 6 today and from 12-6 tomorrow.

Posted by Not At Home on Saturday, September 16, 2017

“As of 6pm this Sunday, these stories won’t have a home, but we can’t end this event because none of this has ended.

“If 11 more Irish women are travelling today, then the waiting room has to stay open. We have to stay open. We are still waiting for change and while we wait, we have to listen to these stories of journeys, of pain, of abandonment, of isolation. We have to listen together.


How to Support Not At Home

“To make this happen, we need you. Here is what you can do.

“We need support, we need rooms, venues and public spaces all around Ireland, but most urgently, we need money. Staff, artists, performers, screens, projectors, pens and a paper and sweat and tears. It all costs money. So we ask a lot of favours, we work longer for less because this is so important to us, but we won’t ever cut corners while we have been trusted to tell these stories, so we need money.

“Give what you can, give us a tenner, or a fiver, or five grand if you have it, but if you think everyone needs to hear what Irish women have gone through, are going through and will go through until something changes, give something.”


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