That Trans Couple Want To Meet Ellen After Viral Titanic Video

Jamie O’Herlihy and Harry Matthews, aka That Trans Couple, went viral last week with their hilarious/heartfelt recreation of one of the most memorable scenes in cinematic history

that trans couple on left, on the right there is a picture of Jack and Rose on the sea

The scene in question is none other than Jack Dawson’s death scene in the frosty Atlantic waters in James Cameron’s Titanic.

Inspired by a Snapchat filter which added reflective water to the lower portion of the screen, Jamie and Harry’s take on Titanic is below.



In case you’ve been living under a rock for the last twenty years and never seen it, or relegated the 1997 epic masterpiece to the corners of your mind, watch the original movie on Netflix with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet.


That Trans Couple – Catapulted Into Fame

Since uploading the video to Facebook, it has received over 12 million views on That Trans Couple’s page, and over 17 million views on Unilad where the video got picked up.

It’s safe to say that the video has catapulted them into the limelight. Before the video was uploaded to Facebook, the Trans Couple Facebook page had 700 likes. Now it has over 32,000.

That Trans Couple are currently looking to capitalise on their impressive reach and are seeking to make an appearance on Ellen DeGeneres’ talkshow.

“Basically, it starts with the Titanic video,” Jamie said. “I mean, we put up the Titanic video last Wednesday I think, or Tuesday, and we did not expect it to go kind of as big as it did.

“As a result of it going viral […] our page blew up. We had 700 likes or followers and now we’re over 32,000 so it’s quite a lot.”



That Trans Couple are now actively petitioning online followers to get them on to the Ellen Show, using the hashtag #GetThatTransCoupleOnEllen.

“I suppose we were thinking about it we were like: ‘Ooh, maybe Ellen might see us.’ But we haven’t heard anything.

“But why we would want to push it now is because we want to do the same work as Ellen. Obviously she does amazing work for not only the LGBT community, but for the world – for anyone who’s different or not different or whatever,” she said.

“I suppose she just helps spread love, and that’s kind of our message as well. We want people to know that love has no limits and that love is unconditional. Me and Harry love each other, which means we love each other.”

Harry highlights the current administration’s stance on trans rights in America as being one of the reasons they want to go on Ellen, with the hope that they can show the world that they’re “just like regular people.”

“I think Ellen is important as well because of the whole trans issue being a big talking point in America,” Harry said, “it would be great to reach that market and spread the message that trans people are just normal people.”

“Because it seems to be very topical with a lot of people thinking that trans people are going to be predators in the toilets, which isn’t the case.

“We want to show that we’re just like regular people, who find love and who just want happiness in life like everybody else and I think Ellen would be a great platform to do that on?”


And The Oscar Goes To…

Harry explained that Jamie’s performance in their viral video is something she would like to continue.

“Jamie is an aspiring actress, so she wants to do something that does her justice now that she’s got the platform to do it on.” Matthews said.

“I’ve always been into acting,” Jamie explained. “I actually went to college for two years and did theatre performance and classical acting.”

However, being trans has affected Jamie’s love of acting, with a fear of people questioning her gender being heightened on the stage.

“I suppose, being transgender… like, I don’t want to put myself on stage and have people who are like: ‘Is that a man or a woman?’ Do you know what I’m saying?”


Trans Acting Roles

There has been criticism in the media about trans roles being played by cisgender people (look at Eddie Redmayne in The Danish Girl), but Jamie indicated that she doesn’t have a problem with this. However, she would like to take on a trans role herself.

“Trans roles are very hard to find. At the moment, you’ve probably seen in the news that people are asking ‘Why are these cisgender people playing trans roles,’ which I don’t have a problem with.

“Being an actor is being an actor. I would like to start playing trans roles, and showing that we can be actors too.

“I’ve always loved making people feel something,” Jamie said.

“I suppose when we did the video, people found it so funny. You know, Ellen started off as a comedian and then she used her platform to do good in the world, and that’s where me and Harry would like to see ourselves,” Jamie said.

“And maybe if we were able to go on her show and meet her, then she could give us some advice, point us in the right direction.”


That Trans Couple – A Good Cause

Jamie and Harry hope to use the exposure on Ellen to promote their T-shirts, with profits from their sale going to TENI and GenderJam.

“Obviously in Ireland trans resources aren’t great,” Jamie said, “so our T-shirts, we wanted them to be something that we could sell and the profits would go to GenderJam (which is like the Northern Irish version of TENI) and to TENI itself, because they both do tremendous work and I’m sure that they could always use more funding.”

“We want to continue building our following and making more funny videos. And then when people watch the funny videos they get linked on to the educational videos that we do. I think it would be amazing to get ourselves out there a bit more,” she said.

When asked about plans for a sequel to their viral Titanic video, Jamie and Harry indicated that they were keeping their options open.

“I don’t know,” Jamie said. “We were thinking maybe part two. But I don’t know is it overplayed now, do you know? We’re going to keep an eye on those Snapchat filters, see what comes next and see what we can do.”

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