The Team

Meet the GCN Team

Editor, Brian Finnegan

Brian first came across GCN in the London Gay Centre in 1993, and was blown away to learn that there was actually a vibrant gay scene in Dublin. He’s been a monthly reader ever since, and has been at the helm of GCN since 2003, having edited the men’s lifestyle and fashion magazine, GI before that. He’s the author of two novels, and his favourite film of all time is The Wizard of Oz. How gay is that?

Deputy Editor, Ciara McGrattan

Ciara picked up her first copy of GCN at the age of 17, and she’s been Deputy Editor of GCN since 2007. If you could reduce her myriad interests to one single thing, it would be Attack on Titan.

Advertising & Development Manager, Lisa Connell

Lisa read GCN for the very first time at the age of 24, and she thought it was “hot”. She became the manager of the advertising department in 2017, but has been the distribution manager & all round team player for 9yrs and counting. Her favourite book of all time is The Shadow of The Wind by Carols Ruiz Zafón. Contact Lisa to talk about advertising here.

Advertising Sales, Catherine Rutter

Catherine first read GCN 15 years ago and thought it was interesting and it challenged what was going on the world. She has been selling ads in GCN since 2016, and her favourite drink is a pint of Guinness. “A world without Guinness would be a sad, sad world,” she says. Get in touch with Catherine here.

Website Editor, Aidan Quigley

At the tender age of 17, Aidan was getting his first sexual health check-up at the Gay Men’s Health Service when he came across GCN, which he thought was “very gay” (#GetTested). His favourite thing to eat in the world is a homebaked pepperoni pizza, which he cooked himself (because he’s a pretty good cook).

Digital Marketer, Stefano Pappalardo

Sicilian Stefano fist came upon GCN ten years ago in a Dublin gay pub. He thought it was really cool and was surprised to see it existed. His favourite movie is Labyrinth, which he watches at least once a year.

Designer, Dave Darcy

Dave first found GCN when he started designing it six years ago and he immediately realised it was a “very significant publication”. His favourite pub in Dublin is O’Connell’s in Portobello, where he can be found drinking the odd Guinness.

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