11 Year-Old Talks Referendum: 'Why Are People Interfering In Our Future?'


11 year-old Lily talks more sense than most grown ups when it comes to the marriage equality referendum.


Lily’s mum, Mimi posted this amazing video of her daughter to her Facebook page over the weekend, and it has since racked up almost 2,000 views.

The pre-teen says that she has talked about the referendum with her friends and they all want a Yes vote. “We might be gay when we’re older, and we might want to get married when we are older – but we can’t. Why are people interfering in our future? Why can’t we get married as well?”

Here, here!

Won’t somebody please think of the childrenWhile talking to my 11 year old about the upcoming referendum her confusion and incredulity surrounding the inequality that currently exists in Ireland really struck me.I wanted to document this mentality as I hope it represents Ireland’s future. A bonus would be to also demonstrate to some undecided or no voters, what children actually want in their future Ireland.So please take a look at the video and if you feel you want to, please share #VoteYes #Marref

Posted by Mimi Rouge on Sunday, 26 April 2015

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