GCN Opinions

  • A presenter hands the winner of Eurovision her trophy
  • RTÉ And The Promotion of the Language of Oppression - Prime Time presenters pictured on set
  • Trans rights protest holding anti TERFs signs
  • Turn Off Prime Time, It's SolidariT Time
  • Jair Bolsonaro, behind him a flag of Brazil
  • Aoife Martin: 'Linehan Might Be Irish But He Left These Shores A Long Time Ago, He Shouldn’t Get A Platform To Say How We Should Treat Our Trans Kids.'

GCN Interviews

  • A headshot of Lívia Paldi posing outside the Project Arts Centre
  • Two men Murillo and Benjamin kissing, behind them a sunset
  • Shane Mulligan poses with his sister
  • Paul Rowley wearing a hat and glasses, behind him a desert landscape