'Call Me By Your Name' sequel to be released

GCN Opinions

  • Trans flag with blue, pink and white colours blowing in the wind with tweet by the economist placed over it on the bottom right, reading: "Should transgender people we sterilised before they are recognised?"
  • Doctor holding bag of blood with pride colours
  • Entrance to Tuam featuring a gate with a christian cross on it and a sign reading 'in loving memory of those who died here. rest in peace.' Published during fight for rights of mother and baby home surivors.
  • In a dark room female hand logs online using a computer keyboard
  • Female same sex parents at home with their daughters, one a baby in arms and the other a toddler playing on the couch
  • A group of same-sex families and their children protesting outside Leinster house for the state failing to fully protect them

GCN Interviews

  • Rosamund Taylor, the poet behind Dún Laoghaire's new LGBT+ book club
  • The Sydney Queer Irish Mardi Gras team dance dressed in tight illumines clothes while holding umbrellas
  • Kate Dolan wearing a cap stands outside a suburban house in the evening
  • Skin from Skunk Ansansie sitting on a red couch