5 LGBT Wedding Service Providers You'll Want To Book

A photo of a bride outside a church - which could have been taken by one of the five LGBT wedding service providers, like a photographer

Looking for some special service providers to give your wedding that extra zing? Here are some people you might want to meet…

I Do… Photography

Aaron McGrath photography - one of the five LGBT wedding service providers

Aaron McGrath


“It’s funny, my job is basically the same with gay couples and straight couples, but you do tend to go about them in a different way. Two men or two women interact with each other differently than a man and a woman, and it’s an enjoyable challenge to try to give an essence of what each couple has together.

“I tend to work a lot in wide angle, and the photos I provide will always have a good helping of big grand wide shots. They give a nice cinematic feel and are perfect for showing impressive landscapes, urban weddings or opulent venues with the couple front and
centre. I rarely use ash at a wedding and try to use natural light whenever possible.

My photos tend to be rich and colourful, with lots of hazy soft light and sun flares when I can get it, a good mix of quiet moments, action and laughter, and I put in a lot of work afterwards to give the set of images a kind of romantic vintage finish with attention to retouching, just enough so it isn’t apparent so the couple don’t need to worry about angles or lighting and can just enjoy their day.

I offer a number of packages and to be honest it’s been a fairly even split. I’ve done weddings of 250 people and weddings of four people, 14 hours and two hours. I always try to suggest an option that ts their budget while covering all the parts of the day that are significant to them. Every wedding is different and there’s a package for every wedding.

I very much look forward to working with more LGBT couples in the future and hope that my portfolio ten years from now will be a reflection of how society has grown to embrace love in all its forms.”


I Do… Wedding Cakes

Julie reardon from The Flour Artist - one of the five LGBT wedding service providers

Julie Reardon


“I have created a lot of cakes for gay and lesbian weddings this year and worked with some of the most wonderful couples. A big part of my job is meeting couples for cake consultations and tastings, and I really love it.

“All of my wedding cakes are bespoke designs, tailor-made for each individual couple, I steer clear of fondant icing and prefer to use vanilla bean buttercream, which has a fabulous texture and tastes incredible. In my opinion cakes should be natural beauties, so I decorate my cakes simply, using fresh owers, fruits and dried flower petals.

This year my most popular design was the Naked Cake. It’s a cake that’s not iced on the outside, filled with buttercream and jam and covered in berries and fresh owers. It’s so simple and beautiful, and always seems to fit any style of wedding.

Last Summer I created a wedding cake for the most fantastic couple, Jen and Helena. Along with their cake, the girls wanted gin and lime cupcakes for their drinks reception. Helena’s brother handmade a wooden cupcake stand that was out of this world. A couple of weeks later I arrived home to find a gift of the cupcake stand and two bottles of French champagne waiting for me! I was so touched; it’s all these little things along the way that make all the hard work so worth while.”


I Do… Weddings

Andrew Rudd from Medley - one of the five LGBT wedding service providers

Andrew Rudd


I had been doing private catering for five years before I opened Medley on Dublin’s Drury Street in 2012, and more recently on Fleet Street.

We now have a very unique and versatile space with a ground floor and mezzanine level. We can accommodate groups of up to 350 guests standing between the two floors and 140 seated in the mezzanine.

Because we are a city centre venue it means that we are within walking distance of all and registry offices in Dublin, but we are also licensed to do wedding ceremonies in Medley. We also design bespoke menus for couples, taking their preferences into account. Every menu is different and we offer a full event planning service. The space is also really versatile and wedding couples can have their own layout, design, configuration of furniture, and overall vibe.

I was approached earlier this year by a very distressed couple. The venue they’d booked 12 months previously had gone out of business, and they had three weeks to find a new place. They lost their deposit and it was too late to cancel the wedding as most of the guests had booked flights and accommodation.

I had a booking for a 40th birthday that day, but I rang my client and asked if it was possible at all to have the party on the following day. Fortunately for everyone, this was not a problem, and the wedding went ahead. It was probably the most emotionally-charged telephone call that I ever made when giving them the good news. I was almost in tears myself when I told them.


I Do… Marquee Weddings and Parties

Ger O'Leary from all in one events - one of the five LGBT wedding service providers
Ger O’Leary


“We strive for a personal touch, attention to detail and quality every time and so we deliver the best and highest levels of service to each and every individual client.

“I’ve been involved in organising festivals, parties, product launches and fundraisers for years. I always found that I had to have many different points of contact for every single item required – a contact for furniture, for power supply, for lighting, for marquees, and on and on the list went. The stress levels were always extreme when it came close to any event. I knew that an all-in-one company would make a marquee wedding far less stressful for couples getting married, so I started All In One Event Hire.

Lighting is very important in a marquee and we work with lots of lighting companies to give a range of great options. Our Fairy Roof Lights are a hugely popular choice, as are our marquee lounge areas, with sofas and lounge furniture in specified area for people to chill out, relax and have a chat.

Because of the level of care, attention and assistance we give to all our clients, we can only do so many weddings per year. For us it’s more about the satisfaction of seeing the joy and happiness on the faces of couples who enjoy a wonderful, stress-free marquee wedding they’ll never forget. ”


I Do… Catering

Eunice Power - one of the five LGBT wedding service providers

Eunice Power


“We’ve worked on many same-sex weddings, both in clients’ homes and in venues.

“I get very involved in each wedding we cater for. If there isn’t a planner involved, we tend to take over the running of the day. It’s easier all round when there is one ‘go to’ person. My front-of-house person, Grace runs each event with military precision in a very discreet way, ensuring the day runs smoothly.

All our food is handmade with ingredients that are thoughtfully sourced and prepared. Our focus is on seasonal Irish food. We employ and train all our front of house staff as opposed to relying on agencies, and we work well as a team, managing the event from the first point of contact to seeing the last guest off in a taxi.

My most memorable same-sex wedding last year was Dan and Paul’s in Borris House on the first anniversary of the marriage equality referendum. It was a gorgeous, colourful fun affair from the get-go. Rainbow cocktails, brilliant music, and interesting and delicious menu, and beautiful grooms!”

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