Cuppán Gay Global LGBT News Roundup: Tuesday

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Alexander Skarsgard’s full frontal scene, Graham Norton interrogates Cara Delevingne, sounding gay can cost your career and more: the biggest international LGBT stories in today’s Cuppán Gay


  • Graham Norton criticised for repeatedly urging Cara Delevingne to talk about her sex life on live TV. Despite Delevingne’s embarrassment at the situation and repeated attempts to shut Norton’s questioning down – including highlighting that her father was in the audience – the talk show host persisted. “Such inappropriate questions & she’s clearly not comfortable with it,” one person tweeted. (Pink News)




  • Sounding gay could cost you your next job or stop you landing a bigger salary according to the results of a new study. Researchers in Italy discovered that people perceived those who sounded gay or lesbian as “inadequate for a leadership position.” (Towleroad)


  • Journalists must ignore the gender-neutral pronoun ‘ze’. The Associate Press stylebook received an update which instructed journalists to use ‘they’ as a singular instead of ‘ze’ or ‘xe’. “Clarity is a top priority; gender-neutral use of a singular they is unfamiliar to many readers. We do not use other gender-neutral pronouns such as xe or ze.” (Pink News)


  • Sherlock’s Mycroft actor stars in gay monologue series ‘Queers’ for BBC. Mark Gatiss, who plays Sherlock’s older brother in the BBC series, is thrilled to be curating monologues for ‘Queers’. “It’s a marvellous opportunity to celebrate LGBT life and culture, to see how far we have come and how far we still have to go,” Gatiss said. (GSN)


  • Alexander Skarsgard reveals an awful lot on ‘Big Little Lies’. In last night’s episode of the star-filled show, Skarsgard seems to have gone full frontal nude in an awkward scene with Nicole Kidman. Kidman’s character attacks Skarsgard’s package in the NSFW scene. (Attitude)


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