Cuppán Gay Global LGBT News Roundup: Wednesday

Lindsay Lohan is back for a new reality TV show which is one of the stories in today's Cuppán Gay

LiLo’s new reality TV show, The Daily Beast writer’s apology, the Shirtless Violinist, German gays to receive €3,000 & more: the biggest international LGBT stories in today’s Cuppán Gay


  • The Daily Beast writer apologises for outing gay athletes at the Olympics… 7 months later. Nico Hines, who used Grindr to write an article which exposed Olympic athletes’ sexuality at the Rio 2016 games, has come out with a much delayed apology “following a lengthy period of intense reflection.” (Towleroad) Hines wrote:


The story about athletes using dating apps in the Olympic village did not ask consent and did not advance the public good. The article intruded into the lives of people who had a right to be left alone. For some readers it brought up old, ugly LGBTQ stereotypes. And I didn’t accurately represent myself during the reporting of the piece. These were all profound failures, and I’m sorry for them. The lens of privilege distorted my worldview.


I was insensitive to the fears that constantly grip some people’s lives and it was wrong to even introduce the possibility that someone’s privacy could have been compromised. That fear is all the more acute in some of the countries whose athletes were gathered together inside the Olympic village. For anyone who was left in fear for their safety back home, I am truly sorry.

Since our article was published, I have received hundreds of emails reminding me that many members of the LGBTQ community do not always feel they can trust society at large and I am aware that I contributed to that fear. By failing to recognize the harm I might cause by intruding on a safe space, I was guilty of reinforcing those emotions.

My article created a charged and critical backlash, and rightly so. The Daily Beast’s readers let me know how I got it wrong. I will not get it wrong again.


  • Australian artist Davey Duzit releases new video for ‘Wet Dream’. The single is the first of Duzit’s upcoming EP. A press release accompanying the video explained the unapologetically sexual approach that Duzit is taking with his track: “Queer Hip Hop has been making waves in the USA over the last few years, but we are yet to see much of it come from Australia. Davey’s brand of unapologetic, hyper sexual and no holds barred approach is here and he’s just getting started.”



  • A topless violinist plays ‘Beauty and the Beast’ in this charming rendition of the well known musical number. Known as the Shirtless Violinist, Matthew Olson plays the violin wearing a cape, while a drag queen dances as Belle around him. Watch the video below. (Gayety)



  • Germany to give gay men who were sentenced for homosexuality €3,000 compensation, plus €1,500 for every year they served in prison. The German Justice Minister, Heiko Maas, said: “The rehabilitation of men who were brought up before the courts solely because of their homosexuality is long overdue.” Approximately 54,000 men were affected by the Nazi-era law which banned homosexual acts. (Towleroad)


  • Two men have sex leading to their arrest in Ghana and to being forced to pose naked in photos by police. The Daily Guide published the photos of the 28-year-old and his 18-year-old lover with the headline “Man Bonks [High School] Boy in Hotel” and claimed that the older of the two men, a twenty-eight-year old, is a “known gay activist wh lures young boys with money.” (GSN)


  • Andrew Christian gets his own reality TV show, Model Behaviour. The internationally acclaimed underwear designer will get to see the behind-the-scenes drama from underwear shoots. “Ever wondered what it’s like to be surrounded by underwear models all day? Well here’s your chance to come into my world and see the behind the scenes of a real life underwear company,” Christian said. (Attitude)


  • Lindsay Lohan is back with a new reality show, The Anti Social Network. LiLo’s new show will prank fans on social media, getting them to do ridiculous things, such as posing nude for an art class. “If you can pull off three challenges, then you’ll win some fabulous prizes. But they won’t know I’m the one pulling the strings,” Lohan said. (Attitude)



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