Dublin Film Qlub: 'The Fish Child' Screening

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Dublin Film Qlub are back this month with a screening of lesbian Argentine drama ‘The Fish Club’.

The screening will take place Saturday 17 June at 2:30pm in The New Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin 2.

The Fish Child is an adaptation of the director Lucia Puenzo’s own novel of the same title, which is told from the point of view of a dog.

The Film Qlub have much to say on the visual interpretation of the book’s canine narrator:

” In Puenzo’s book, ‘Serafín’ the dog is not just a gimmick, because he develops and changes throughout the story like the other characters. However, in the last few chapters of the novel, the narrator begins to slip into describing the thoughts of the characters –impossible for a dog, no matter how strong its bond to humans may be. The book couldn’t sustain the unified voice, but the film was unburdened by that problem. The lush but raw visuals, and a rhythm running-on-all-fours, bring cohesion to the story.”

The Fish Child is about the awkward young white woman Lala, living a life of idleness in a wealthy suburb of Buenos Aires, and her falling in love with the Guaraní indian live-in-servant Guayi, a kind young woman shackled by a traumatic event.

This lesbian thriller-romance is set in a world is less plagued by homophobia than by racism, by the exploitation of women, and by the omnipresent class privilege. Can we dare to hope for connection, support, and honesty, or is that a murky fairy tale?

Check out the trailer below:


Screening kicks off at 2:30pm (doors open at 2pm) the New Theatre, Temple Bar, Dublin 2. Day Membership: €8. Free tea, coffee, and biscuits.) 

For more info on Dublin Film Qlub, check out their website: http://www.filmqlub.com 

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