Ellen Page On Her “Incredibly Satisfying” Sex Scene With Julianne Moore


In a new GCN interview, out and proud actress Ellen Page talks about her new movie playing Julianne Moore’s lesbian partner.


Ellen Page’s latest movie, Freeheld, tells the true story of New Jersey police detective Laurel Hester, who after being diagnosed with terminal lung cancer fought to change the law so that her pension benefits would eventually go to her same-sex partner, Stacie Andree.

It’s Page’s first lesbian role, and she told GCN she relished it. “It was an amazing feeling to play a lesbian. I experienced this beautiful kind of realisation that I was playing a gay woman who was such an inspiration to me. I had not felt such a sense of calm and sense of self-fulfilment since I was a teenager and starting out as an actor.”

Page, who came out in February 2014 with a moving Human Rights Campaign speech, added: “It kind of surprised me how exhilarating it felt, since I had spent such a long time thinking and dreaming about getting that opportunity. It was also an incredibly satisfying thing to finally do a love scene with another woman after being so closeted for so long.”


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