Irish Trans Woman 'Incredibly Touched' By Colleagues' Response After Coming Out

Flowers that were given to an Irish trans woman when she came out at work

Aoife was assisted by her HR rep in co-ordinating her coming out to her workmates about her gender identity


Aoife Martin, an Irish trans woman in her forties, returned to her desk in work this year to receive a touching note and a large bouquet of flowers to show support of her coming out as trans.

Aoife’s colleagues had written a note which left her emotional and feeling “incredibly touched”. The note reads: “Acceptance Matters to us! From all your friends and colleagues at MasterCard.”

In October 2016 Aoife had approached her HR manager to discuss coming out publicly as trans and it was decided that following the Christmas break would be the best time to go about the process.

“I started this process in my personal life just over a year ago and it’s an ongoing journey,” Aoife said.



“Then just over two months ago I told my HR rep, Ann-Marie, that I was trans and that I wished to transition within the workplace.

“She was absolutely lovely about it and I really cannot stress strongly enough just how supportive and hard working behind the scenes she has been.”


Ironing Out The Details

“We started to work out the details of coming out in the work place and decided that after the Christmas break would be an ideal time to work towards, culminating in Aoife’s first appearance in the office yesterday,” Ann-Marie Clyne, Aoife’s HR rep, said.

“Throughout her journey I wanted to make sure that Aoife received as much support and time as she needed not just from me, but from all of her colleagues at Mastercard.

“It was important for me to take the lead from Aoife in terms of when and how she would come out as a female to her colleagues. For me, the support she’s received from them proves that our company is one where everyone can feel comfortable being open about their lives regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and that’s really something I am proud to be a part of.”


Accepting Environment

MasterCard are proud to be supportive of their employees’ diversity, with a company hashtag used on social media to highlight this.

“We even have a hashtag on social media – #AcceptanceMatters. When I began the process of coming out I was worried that this may just have been lip service but my experience has been that this is definitely not the case. I was incredibly touched,” Aoife said.

“MasterCard Dublin is a very supportive and inclusive environment. As far as I know I’m the first person to transition within the company and I hope that my positive experience might help and encourage other LGBT+ employees to come forward when they feel they are ready.”


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