LGBT Daters On New Series Of First Dates Ireland

RTÉ 2's First Dates Ireland preview features a pair of gay men talking about marriage and children.

One of the people on the new season of First Dates Ireland

In a recently released clip of the brand new series of First Dates Ireland, two gay men discuss previous relationships, coming out and the possibility of children.

Over a glass of wine Richard and Timmie get to know one another. When one of the bachelors indicates that he used to be married, and had a wife for ten years, the look of surprise on his date’s face is blatant.

“I used to be married,” admits Richard McNeill.

“You were married,” Timmie asks, unable to conceal his shock.

“I only came out when I was thirty-nine.

“My ex-wife and I of ten years split up,’ reveals Richard as his bearded date’s mouth hits the floor.

“And I’d always wondered. I had always thought but I’d never properly known and I didn’t know anyone growing up. I hope no role models I had none of that.”



“So you never had kids,” Timmie asks.


“Never wanted them?”

Richard lets out a sigh before Timmie exposes his own views on having children.

“Like, I want kids. I do, and I’ve always wanted them,” the suited dater says sincerely.

“I just picture at the end of my life, I’m with my partner, hopefully married, you know, and I’m there with my kids. I think they’re a gift and I think you need to treasure it when you have them.”

In a diary room interview Richard goes on to talk about his first ever date with a man.

“My first date with a guy was unbelievable. Because I held a guy, I kissed a guy it was like, this is what I’ve been missing all those years.”

Check out the full clip below.

First Dates Ireland will air on RTÉ 2 at 9:30pm on Thursday 19 January.

Watch the full episode on RTE Player here.

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