Choral Con Fusion

Cork Visit Website Choral Con Fusion is Cork’s LGBT+ inclusive choral group with a message of welcome to one and all.


Choral Con Fusion


CHORAL CON FUSION L.G.B.T.S. INCLUSIVE CHOIR is Cork’s inclusive choral group with a message of welcome to one and all.

The group was formed in 2010. What began as a small number of 8 singers has now grown to a choir of 40. Choral Con Fusion has performed all over the country including at The National Concert Hall, Cork City Hall and The Triskel and has a repertoire that is vast and varied blending ancient choral classics with modern music and ethnically tinged folk songs.

While music is the focus, it is always infused with fun. Choral Con Fusion is not just a choir. It is at its heart a social group and a way for people who hail from all backgrounds, all communities and all genders and ages to come together and sing and dance and be merry. There are gay guys, lesbians, trans and bi members, there are parents of gay children, there are straight guys and girls and there are people who are all of the above. Our members come from everywhere. We have singers from Lebanon, Denmark, Germany, France, UK, Morocco, Holland and of course Ireland too. The point is to live your life and celebrate who you are and where you come from. Sing it out and sing it proud.

We rehearse once a week on a Wednesday evening, 6.30 to 8.30, in the city centre. Find out more about joining Choral Con Fusion here.

Choral Con Fusion celebrates and embraces difference and different people, through the joy and fun of music and singing together. Openly identifying ourselves as L.G.B.T.S. Inclusive is a statement of where we come from and where we are going. Choral Con Fusion is one of the worlds first L.G.B.T.S. choirs and the only one in Ireland.

Our ethos is simple – Music makes people happy. Happy people make music. Choral Con Fusion makes people happy. It’s the circle of musical happiness.

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