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Cork Gay Project for GB Men

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Cork Gay Project

4 South Terrace, Cork City.

tel; 0214300430

The Cork Gay Community Development Co. Ltd. evolved from political and social initiatives dating back to the early 1980’s. In the early Seventies the first recorded meetings took place in Popes Quay under the guise of the Cork Naturalist Club.

Our Mission Statement: To ensure that the Gay community is enabled to fully participate in the social, economic, cultural, political and artistic life of the wider Cork and Kerry area.



Second Tuesday of the month – Straight Talking, a spouse support group.

Third Tuesday of the month – Transgender support group


First Wednesday of the month – Movie Night

Second Wednesday of the month – Games Night

Third Wednesday of the month – Information Night

Fourth Wednesday of the month – Open Mic night


Up Cork Youth Group


Live and Let Live A.A. Group.

We host the UP CORK Youth Group every Thursday evening.

The project provides one-to-one and group support for young people to allow them to safely engage with confidence building, personal development, peer support and making friends. It also affords young people a space where they can experience inclusion, acceptance, social justice, fun and safety.

What we do …

Rapping, Art, Drama, Drugs Awareness, Sexual Health Awareness, Weekends Away, Day Trips, Graffiti Art, Choreographed Dance, Cooking Lessons, DVD Nights, BBQ Evenings, Youth Café and a lot more!


Here at the Cork Gay Project, we provide support and resources for the Gay Community.

Many people aren’t sure what the term mental health means and only think of mental illness when they hear the term. But mental health is more to do with our overall sense of well-being and how we feel we are getting on in our lives, as well as how we feel about ourselves and those around us. It is normal to feel worried or down at times and one in four people will experience a major mental health problem at some time in their life. So if you are concerned about your mental health you are not alone. Mental health problems like anxiety and depression are relatively common and with the right help and support most people recover fully and get back to living their lives the way they want.

Stay in Touch

Cork Gay Project
4 South Terrace, Cork City.
tel; 0214300430
Community Manager – Clive – [email protected]
Manager – Dave – [email protected]
Community Liaison Worker – Liam – [email protected]

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