Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter speaks out against anti-Trans comments

With the recent rise of anti-Trans rhetoric, we need more celebrities like Lynda Carter and less stars voicing their unsolicited transphobic 'opinions'.

A black-and-white Lynda Carter, who recently spoke out against anti-trans comments.
Image: Via Twitter - @RealLyndaCarter

Content Warning: Contains transphobic language.

In a tweet published on July 6, actress Lynda Carter voiced her support for Trans women, speaking out against recent comments made by stars like Bette Midler and Macy Gray who have been pushing anti-Trans rhetoric and Trans-exclusionary ideas.

A passionate advocate for LGBTQ+ people’s rights and abortion rights, the star of the original 1970s TV show Wonder Woman spoke out again on her social media after other women in the public eye drew online criticism for their transphobic comments and for trying to push their Trans-exclusionary views.

Condemning such anti-Trans rhetoric, Lynda Carter commented with the following words: “I cannot think of anything that helps women’s rights less than pinning the blame on trans women.”

She continued her tweet by stating: “They face so much violence and scrutiny as is. Leave them alone and focus on the real war on women. It’s happening in the courts and legislatures around this country.”

Carter referred to the recent overturning of the historic Roe v Wade ruling by the US Supreme Court, which removed the constitutional right to abortion in the country. The debate over the ruling reversal has been infused with anti-Trans narratives, with some pushing back against attempts to use inclusive language when discussing abortion rights.

Among them was Hocus Pocus star Bette Midler who, in a recent comment posted online, implied that using Trans-inclusive language would lead to the erasure of women. The actor later tried to clarify her stance, claiming that she had no intention of saying “anything exclusionary or transphobic”.

Similarly, during a Monday evening appearance on Piers Morgan Uncensored, singer Macy Gray voiced her opposition to Trans women competing in sports alongside cis women. She then went on to express her transphobic views by saying: “If you want me to call you a her, I will, because that’s what you want, but that doesn’t make you a woman just because I call you a her and just because you got a surgery.”

Gray later posted a message on social media, claiming that her remarks were “grossly misunderstood” and that she had “nothing but love for LGBTQ+ and transgender community”, without really apologising for what she said on the show.

Trans activist and writer Raquel Willis took to Twitter to comment on Gray’s remarks, saying: “The idea that it’s a problem to name that there are men, nonbinary folks and other people who can get/have been pregnant is just evil. If you really give a fuck about reproductive rights naming all those involved shouldn’t be a barrier.”

Willis then added, “The white supremacist patriarchs are out here stripping you of your rights and you worried about an already socially, economically, legislatively maligned group that is only ever ‘a small percentage of the pop’ when it’s convenient?”

Considering the recent rise of anti-Trans rhetoric in the US and the multiple attempts (and some successes) by political figures to pass anti-LGBTQ+ legislation, we definitely need more people like Lynda Carter and Raquel Willis and fewer celebrities spouting transphobic nonsense and voicing their harmful and poorly informed ‘opinions’.

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