Markus Feehily Was Subjected To Homophobic Abuse

markus feehily

Former Westlife singer, Markus Feehily, has revealed that he was once forced to leave a pub after being subjected to homophobic abuse.


Feehily, who has now launched a solo career after leaving Westlife, recalled an incident in which a group of men began shouting abuse at him.

Speaking to The Sun, Feehily explained it was the first time he had been targeted in such a way.

Describing the event, he said: “A man asked to take a picture of me then four of his friends crowded around yelling: ‘What the f*** are you doing? Why are you having a photo with him – you gay? You queer!’ They said ‘gay’ about 30 times. It was so aggressive and intimating. The most upsetting thing was it was in my hometown. We left quickly, the fear kicks in. I was shocked.”

Speaking of homophobia and the abuse which LGBT are subjected to, he stated, “It would be a mistake to think it’s over. Things are far from where they need to be.”

On Saturday, he appeared on The Saturday Night Show with Brendan O’Connor to perform his new song Love is a Drug and to speak about his personal life and his life since leaving Westlife.

He admitted that he kept his sexuality secret for a long time, perhaps too long, and advised LGBT people to not hold their feelings inside, to speak to someone if they have issues with their sexuality.

“I genuinely believe that to suppress your sexuality in any way, not even just physically, but emotionally or whatever, I think it’s a very big part of us, it doesn’t define us and it’s not all we are but it is a very big part of us, so to suppress that is quite dangerous.”

Earlier this year, Feehily revealed that he now owns, and works, in his own catering van.


Watch Markus Feehily Perform ‘Love is a Drug’:

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