Minister Zappone Pledges €400,000 Per Annum For Actions On The National LGBTI+ Youth Strategy

Today at the launch of the National LGBTI+ Youth Strategy, Minister Katherine Zappone pledged almost half a million in funding and said all government departments were unilaterally on board to support the strategy’s implementation.

Minister Katherine Zappone launches national LGBTI+ Youth Strategy

“It’s wrong that in 2018 there are members of our community who are isolated, discriminated against, and who are still bullied.”

Today in Dublin’s Temple Bar, Minister for Children and Youth Affairs, Katherine Zappone launched the Irish government’s National LGBTI+ Youth Strategy, the first of its kind in the world.

The Strategy was developed in association with a Youth Advisory Group, which included young people who could bring the reality they face every day at home, in their schools and communities to bear.

Speaking at the launch, Minister Zappone said, that it was “clear from meeting young people across the country… that despite the big steps forward in the past three decades, there still is work to do, and it’s wrong that in 2018 there are members of our community who are isolated, discriminated, and who are still bullied.

“It is wrong that the level of services, clubs and supports available to our young people vary depending on where you live.

“It is also wrong that our laws, policies and procedures in schools, colleges and workplaces are not keeping pace with the rate of social change in our country.”

“So today we move to correct those wrongs, and the National LGBTI+ Youth Strategy sets out the clear actions, which are a direct response to the needs of the 4,000 young people who took part in the national consultation.”

The strategy revolves around three main goals:

1. Create a Safe, Supportive and Inclusive Environment for LGBTI+ young people.
2. Improve the Mental, Physical and Sexual Health and Wellbeing of the Entire LGBTI+ Community.
3. Develop the Research and Data Environment to Better Understand the Lives of LGBTI+ Young People.

There are 15 objectives and 59 direct actions listed in the Strategy to achieve these goals, and Minister Zappone said that each of the government departments is on board for its implementation.

“The work starts now,” Minister Zappone said. “This is day one of the Strategy and I will take the first action. I am delighted to announce a €400,000 annual budget for areas covering my department to get us underway.”

The National LGBTI+ Youth Strategy can be read here.

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