The New Game Of Thrones Trailer Has Left Fans Gagging

War is coming to Westeros, but who will survive the Game of Thrones?

Jon Snow and Daenerys from Game of Thrones shown walking between two dragons

The trailer for Game of Thrones Season 8 has finally dropped, leaving fans gagged.


In the beginning, we see Arya running scared… “I know death,” she says “He’s got many faces.” Brandishing a dragon glass dagger, she states “I look forward to seeing this one.”

We see Tormund, Bran, Sam, Cersei, Jon, Daenerys, Sansa… obviously the (remaining) dragons…

“They’re coming,” warns Jon. “Our enemy doesn’t tire. Doesn’t stop. Doesn’t feel.”

Grey Worm and Missandei kiss amidst fire and flames.

Cersei shows us her infamous ‘sip wine and be fierce’ look…

So far, so ‘Game of Thrones’. The brand new trailer for the final season promises us a dramatic end to this part of the epic saga, and we’re left wondering, just who is going to die in the process? It seems everyone may be up for grabs for that ever-expected death scene we’ve been conditioned for via ‘Game of Thrones’ author George R. R. Martin’s tendency to make us totally love/hate his characters and then pull the rug out and off them (or worse!) just when they’re at peak epic-ness.

Twitter has exploded with fan reactions, some of the best ones from fan favourite and hilarious gem Maisie Williams.

With a spin-off in the works by broadcaster HBO, hopefully, this won’t be the complete end of Westerosi drama for us, but the actual direction of this project has yet to be decided. Will we be seeing a young Ned Stark? The origins of Melisandre, the Red Woman? Or perhaps even further into the history of the world?

Either way, rest assured that should the equally beloved and villainous inhabitants of Westeros all become wight food we haven’t seen the last of this rich fantasy world, and in the brand new series maybe we’ll get a love story as epic as Loras and Renly

The final season begins on April 14th. War is coming.

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