1D's Liam: "I've Kissed Zayn"


In an interview, Liam Payne revealed that he has kissed his fellow band member Zayn Malik – unfortunately, there are no pictures.


In news that is sure to leave Larry Stylinson fangirls reeling with envy, Liam Payne told We Love Pop magazine that he kissed Zayn once upon a time.

“I ended up kissing Zayn once! Zayn was like, ‘Come on then, come on,’ putting his head close to me,” he revealed in the interview.

It started as a dare, before quickly escalating, with Zayn goading him into committing the deed.

“It was like when you’re going to have a fight. Then he just leaned forward and kissed me.”

Liam Payne’s admittance comes as a surprise, as he has, in the past, defended the ever-homophobic Duck Dynasty.

When quizzed about which of his bandmates he would kiss in a life or death situation, Harry said, “I can’t answer that. I genuinely can’t.”

Louis Tomlinson, on the other hand, was far more open to the idea.

He said, “I’d probably snog all the guys, to be honest.”

Which is a surprising turn of events, on the back of his angry retorts to questions about his sexuality.

Sorry boys, pics or it didn’t happen…

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