Rainbow Choir Holds Peaceful Protest Outside WMoF Congress

The rainbow choir was co-organised by Ursula Halligan, who is part of the group "We Are Church", their application to attend the Congress of WMoF was ignored by organisers.

Rainbow Choir organisers

A Rainbow Choir, made up of LGBTI singers, gathered outside the World Meeting of Families (WMOF) at the RDS, this afternoon to highlight the exclusion of LGBTI people and their families from the event.

This peaceful gesture is being offered to celebrate LGBT+ lives through music and creativity.

One of the organizers of the choir, Ursula Halligan says: “We believe that regardless of anyone’s beliefs or religion, the LGBTI voice cannot remain silent when a group in society, be it church or state, refuses to respect and recognise the dignity and equality of LGBTI people”.

We are singing because no openly LGBTI voice will be heard at the WMOF during the three-day event and there will be no images of LGBTI families on display either. Applications from LGBTI groups to set up a stand at the WMOF have also been refused.

This unique and once-off choir, assembled especially for the occasion, sang two songs: “Something Inside So Strong” (the classic anthem associated with the apartheid days of South Africa) and the Sisters Sledge hit, “We Are Family”.

All singers wore white T-Shirts with “HEAR OUR VOICES” emblazoned across them.

Speaking at the event today Ms Halligan said, “We would like the Catholic church to change its language, to change its theology, to welcome us with open arms, to appreciate that God has made us in all shapes and sizes and that there is a rich diversity to life.

“Let God judge rather than the Catholic church. We are as human as real as anyone else. LGBTI families are as beautiful and as precious as anyone else.”

Wicked Dublin MPU

WMoF Discusses LGBT+ Members Of The Church

Today US Jesuit Fr James Martin discussed issues surrounding LGBT+ members of the church at a keynote in the RDS.

The session entitled “Showing Welcome and Respect in our parishes for LGBT members and their families” took place on day 3 of the Pastoral Congress which takes on the theme The Family and Love. 

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