Ireland’s First Rainbow Crossing For Ranelagh?


A petition has gone online to make the Dublin village of Ranelagh the first location in Ireland for a Rainbow Crossing, celebrating the highest Yes vote in last year’s marriage referendum.


The Ranelagh Arts Centre has submitted a proposal to Dublin City Council for a Rainbow Crossing in Ranelagh Village. According to the organisation, since the Marriage Equality Referendum 2015 it has been inundated with enquiries from the local community as to a permanent installation in the village to reflect the overwhelming support for the LGBT Community and the YES vote. Ranelagh, at 74.91%, had the highest Yes vote in Ireland.

Rainbow Crossings have been installed in various cities such as London, San Francisco, Vancouver and Sydney. According to the US Federal Highway Administrations’ ‘Crosswalk Marking Field Visibility Study’ (2010), a general observation concluded that continental crossings were detected by participants at approximately twice the distance of traditional crossings.

The Crossing will span two existing pedestrian crossings, culminating at The Triangle in the centre of Ranelagh Village. See below:

Ranelagh Rainbow Crossing

“The Rainbow Crossing not only would be a symbol of acceptance, but a visual reminder of the growing mind-set of the Irish People to embrace all nationalities and cultures,” Drew Cooke, spokesperson for the Ranelagh Arts Centre said. “It would put Ranelagh firmly on the map for LGBT Tourism, which is estimated to be worth €843m to the country’s €6bn tourism industry. Its vibrant colours would create a focal point in the Village.

In conjunction with their proposal, Ranelagh Arts Centre has started an online petition and are encouraging people to sign it here.

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