The Reason Why Westboro Baptist Church Are Protesting Kim Davis


The notoriously homophobic Westboro Baptist Church are known for protesting against “fag marriage” – so it comes as a shock that they would condemn Kim Davis after she refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples.


Alas, no one is safe from the poorly designed placards of the Phelps family and co..

Kim Davis, the now infamous clerk in Kentucky who would not grant ALL couples the right to marry, and thus, defying the Supreme Court is no exception.

Westboro are totally on board with the Kentucky clerk’s stance on gay couples – but it’s the fact that she was married four times that irks them.

A group of devout group members travelled to Kentucky from Kansas to picket the “sinful” Davis.


The church even wrote a song condemning Davis called Kentucky Woman, and have shared it on social media.


Listen to the track here:


The Westboro Baptist Church are a small but devout group of religious extremists – known for their controversial and vocal stance on just about everything.

From protesting Lady Gaga concerts, to showing up at the funerals of fallen soldiers – everything is fair game for WBC.

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