Top 5 Places For Gay Dating In Dublin

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Finding gay men to date can be difficult so we’ve made a list of our top 5 places to meet guys


Gay dating in Dublin can be tough if you don’t know where to find a man to date. Our Irish summer is drawing to a close and cuffing season is about to kick off.

So with gay men looking for relationships, we’ve decided to take the work out of finding a man to cuddle up next to as the weather cools off.


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So if finding a cuddle-buddy sounds like something you’re interested in, read on to see where you can meet a man.



1. Dating Apps


Gay dating in dublin can be had by using gay dating apps (pictured)


Ok these gay dating apps (or hookup apps as some people refer to them) may attract a certain clientele who are looking to get their rocks off – and quick – but it may also be where you meet the man of your dreams.


What to look out for:


Screen shot of a one sided grindr chat saying hi, hi, hello over and over again

Profiles with a face picture. This one may seem obvious, but the seemingly never ending sea of headless torso profiles that populate the app are probably not going to be looking for a relationship.

Don’t despair! Hidden in between the torso profiles titled ‘NSA Fun’ and ‘Masc4Masc’ could be a diamond in the rough.

So, look for a face and start a conversation with something more interesting than “Hi”.

Think about it, if you’d rather have someone message you and complimenting you on the info on your profile, then someone else is going to feel the same way. So make an effort because first impressions are tough to break.




2. Gay Bars


Pantibar, one of the gay dating apps


Gay bars like Pantibar, The Front Lounge or The George can be a great place to meet new guys. You’re almost guaranteed that the men frequenting these places will be gay, so the chances of approaching a straight man and having an awkward moment are lower, and even if that does happen the man is in a gay bar so he’s probably going to take it as a compliment.

What to look out for:

Having a drink or two can even help to lower your inhibitions and make approaching a guy that catches your attention easier.

Ok, so three pints in and you’re still not comfortable going up to the guy you’re interested in? Buy a drink for him and get one of the bartenders to deliver it to the guy. It’s romantic, makes breaking the ice that much easier, and sets you back by a tenner, tops.


3. LGBT Activities


The emerald warriors pictured playing rugby as a place to help you find gay dating in dublin


From BeLonG To for LGBT youths, to the Emerald Warriors, to the Gloria LGB Choir, finding an LGBT activity that caters to your interests has never been easier.

That makes them the perfect place to meet a gay man who definitely shares at least one of your pastimes, which means that you’ll at least have one thing you can talk about on a date.

What to look out for:

Keep an eye on GCN’s directory for info on when and where groups meet as well as contact details to enquire about joining in.

You can read GCN’s directory in our current issue which is available to pick up in all the usual locations, or you can read GCN online and on iOS here.


4. LGBT Groups At Work


Facebook at Dublin Pride, you could join your work lgbt group to help you find gay dating in dublin


If you work for a big enough company, you’re in luck. They probably already have an LGBT group for employees which you can join to meet gay men who share your passion in the professional sphere.

If your employer doesn’t have an LGBT group, and you’re feeling proactive,  be the one to set it up. Contact someone in a company that already has one set up to find out the best way to go about it.

What to look out for:

Certain professions like teachers, doctors and lawyers have dedicated bodies that provide a place for like-minded LGBT professionals to meet one another, so you might just find your future boyfriend at one of their meetings.

These groups can also be found in GCN’s directory.


5. Gay Club Nights


Sweatbox, a place where gay dating in dublin takes place, pink poster with francois sagat


Even though the Dragon closed it’s doors last year, Dublin’s gay nightclub scene has pulled through, with the Hub in Temple Bar now hosting some of the nights that used to be in the venue which is now home to Soder & Ko, and new nights like Sweatbox.

What to look out for:

It’s 1am, you’re a wee bit intoxicated and you’re hoping to meet that special guy. Lights are low, bass is banging and you’re dancing up a storm.

But meeting the guy of your dreams in the middle of the dance floor is unlikely. The reason here is because when you can barely understand what the guy you’re grinding up against is saying, it’s hard to make a proper connection.

Our advice is to take things outside to the smoking area (even if you don’t smoke), where you can talk without shouting at the top of your lungs.

Tell the lucky guy that you’re going outside for some fresh air, and ask him if he wants to join you. That way you can get to know each other a bit better.



Once you’ve found a guy to date that you can bear to be around, you’ll need to go on a date with him.

For some tips and ideas, check out our Top 5 Romantic Date Ideas: Dublin guide.

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