TV Recap: RuPaul's Drag Race 6, Ep 6


We have hit the half-way point of Drag Race season 6. Alan Finnegan recaps the newest raptastic episode.


The mini challenge shot into action and the library was officially OPEN!

Stand outs at throwing some good reads were Joslyn and Darienne. Darienne’s lines were very funny, but she did add a hint of nasty to some of her reads especially towards Ben de la Creme. Joslyn was hilarious and she has really grown on me throughout the competition. Give her more screen time!

Trinity was struggling with the concept of reading and just insulted herself. Everybody loves a trier.

Darienne won the mini challenge and as a reward she could pick her team for the main challenge.

This week’s main challenge was to create a rap video. The girls had to write and perform rap lyrics to RuPaul’s new song ‘Oh She Better Don’t’. The girls would be guided on by the baddest bitches in the business, Trina and Eve.

Darienne chose Adore, Laganja, Courtney and Bianca and  the second group consisted of Trinity, Ben de la Creme, Joselyn and Milk. The queens quickly split up to spit some rhymes. In her group, Trinity took charge of choreography. As usual Trinity was full of complaints. Trinity managed to ignore a very important piece of advice from Ben de la Creme. She told her to work on her enunciation of her rap lyrics. I thought this was a good point to make considering it was something she was critiqued on before but Trinity pays her no heed.

The music video kicked into action and Adore brought 90s hood girl to this video shoot and owned it.

She may have struggled to get into it, but she eventually got there – much to the dismay of Laganja! These two girls may be best pals now, but when the competition gets closer to the finale something is going to give! Once Laganja sees Adore out-perform her she is all about the attitude. She needs to concentrate on her own game. If she wasn’t distracted by dissing Adore, she might not have forgotten a whole verse of her lyrics.

Trinity should have listened to Ben because as soon as she started in the video, a mess ensued. She didn’t know her lines let alone say them clearly. Messiness was contagious because in the other group,  Darienne struggled to hit her and was falling into props.

Bianca’s look was a little butch, but she still had her professional hat on. She came up with a clever rap and had it memorised and ready to spill out for the video.

After the video was filmed and ready to be screened, the girls prepared their crazy sexy cool looks for the runway.

My favourite runway looks this week were Joslyn and Adore. Joslyn may have over accessorised, but she definitely oozed music video realness. Adore came in looking like a rock ‘n’ roll banshee ready to trash the runway. It was a well executed look!

The snoozes were Courtney who came out wrapped in a duvet pretending to sleep. It was very unusual for Courtney to try something new. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the game changer we were hoping for. Once the reveal came it was SNORE! A bathing suit? So lazy! I am getting so underwhelmed by Courtney in the competition, she needs to kick in into high gear.

Milk’s effort to be glam was not lost on me. It had some potential to get her noticed for the right reasons, but it was just poorly put together.

Darienne wore another fitted glittery dress. Hmm… have we seen that before?

The music video was screened and both groups had pulled it off. However, the girls were going to be judged individually – which meant nobody was safe.  Adore was crowned the winner of the main challenge. The bottom three were Milk, Darienne and Trinity. Darienne just escaped the lipsync and the other two were left to battle it out. In my opinion, Milk did much better than Darienne both on the runway and in the challenge, so I don’t know how this happened.

Once the music played, Trinity got in the zone. These two queens had equal energy on the runway. Trinity was whipping her hair and her legs were everywhere. Milk was hopping from one end of the runway to the other. Neither girl struggled with the lip sync so when it came to the final decision, I thought it was going to be a non-elimination. Unfortunately, RuPaul wasn’t holding back and let Milk know her expiration date was up.

I was disappointed to see her go. Next week we are treated to double the tuck as TWO episodes will be screened. In the double feature,  the queens must pair up and tackle the competitive world of advertising. They must promote RuPaul’s Glamazon Cosemetic line in a infomercial. And in the second episode the girls will perform a live stand up comedy show. 

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