The Story of An Amazing 5 Year-Old Trans Boy and His Proud Parents


The parents of a five year-old trans boy spoke to NBC News about their son’s transition and how happy it has made him.


Mimi and Joe Lemay said that they initially hoped Jacob’s “obsession with being a boy would go away”.

Before his transition, Jacob was called ‘Mia’, but from the tender age of two, he insisted that he was a boy and asked his parents, “why did God make me this way?”

As his insistence grew, they decided allow Jacob to publicly live his life as a boy.

His father said, “We asked him, ‘what if we take you to another school and everyone will know you as a boy from the beginning?’ He agreed, saying, ‘I want to be a boy always. I want to be a boy named Jacob.’”

They said they felt that allowing Jacob to live his life as a boy was the right decision for the whole family, with his mother saying, “A mother’s heart knows when her child is suffering.”

Dr Michelle Frocier, a leading expert of gender studies, said of trans children, “The biggest thing a parent can do wrong is nothing,” adding, “There is a whole host of bad health outcomes, both physical and psychiatric.”

Joe said, “Ultimately, Jacob has made this decision in his mind and in his heart. It is up to us if we accept that or not.”

Mimi finally revealed, “I want him to know how proud I am of him, how brave I believe he is and how, no matter what, I am in his corner and I love him, and I always will because he’s my son.”

Don’t mind us, we’ll just be over here, quietly weeping.


Watch the video below:

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