WATCH: Clodagh, What Does Pride Mean To You?

Clodagh Leonard, chairperson of LGBTQ Pride, tells us about Pride's significance to her


“All of a sudden we had a day that was ours”

To celebrate Pride month, Linders asked some LGBT+ people about what Pride means to them.

Chairperson of LGBTQ Pride Dublin, Clodagh Leonard’s first Pride was a very emotional experience.

“The first thing I remember was the flags down the Liffey. I remember seeing them and actually crying because it felt like I was accepted and allowed to be there and the city was kind of welcoming me in, which is not something that I was familiar with at home.”

Clodagh believes that Pride is all about “being positive and hopeful and creating something that’s really beautiful and colourful and magical”. For Leonard, the excitement and inclusivity that the day brings make for a feeling of family.

To get to know what Pride means to Clodagh a bit better, we asked her a few questions.

1) Tell us about the first time you were at Pride.

The first time I was at pride was Dublin pride and I vividly remember hiding from RTE camera in case anyone from home saw me. I was so overwhelmed to see people holding hands and kissing. It was this massive feeling of permission to be myself.

  2) What is your favourite Pride memory?

This year being Chairperson of Dublin Pride and getting to speak in front of the crowd was pretty incredible. But it may have been outdone by being asked to lead the parade with the mayor for Mayo Pride and turning back to see my fiancé with my school friends. And my mother and father walking in the parade hand-in-hand. Still fills me with joy thinking about it.

  3) Why do you think Pride is important?

I think Pride is important because it is one place where you can be unequivocally be as expressive and as much yourself as you want. There is a feeling of this ownership over the city/ town. You may be afraid but you have turned up and that’s something to be proud of.

  4) What are you the most proud of as an LGBT+ person?

The obvious answers are probably Gender Recognition and Marriage Equality. But I actually think I’m really proud the community for being so consistently vocal and creative and fun. Regardless of wether there is a campaign or not I just have this warmth towards people who live authentically and inspire others to do the same.

  5) Do you have any favourite Pride outfits?

Yes! This year I wore a Repeal jumper. Cause there is no one battle.


What does Pride mean to you? Let us know in the comments below.

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