WATCH: Faith In Marriage Equality


A new campaign group, Faith In Marriage Equality (FIME), launched this Sunday to campaign for a YES vote in the May referendum.


The new group, which is made up of members of various different faiths, aims to show that you can be religious and still be in favour of marriage equality. It also wants to contribute a new voice to the debate about the marriage referendum in Ireland, which takes place this May. FIME has been endorsed by We Are Church Ireland, Gay Catholic Voice Ireland and Changing Attitude Ireland.

Their charter states:

  • 1. We are all equal under God, whether we are heterosexual or gay. Faith leaders should not marginalise or exclude people who are gay rather they should promote equality and inclusion.
  • 2. People of faith understand that marriage is based on the values of love and commitment. This is the case for heterosexual and same sex couples, whether the marriage involves children or not.
  • 3. Faith institutions already distinguish between civil and religious marriage. While it is proper that faith leaders govern their members’ access to religious marriage, they should not seek to prevent access to civil marriage.
  • People of faith can exercise their freedom of conscience to vote yes to civil marriage in this referendum, as was done to permit civil divorce twenty years ago.

Watch members of the group talk same-sex marriage.

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