WATCH: Putin To "Out" Barack Obama

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atlah-missionary-church-sign-550x370Rev. James David Manning, outlandish chief pastor of the All The Land Anointed Holy (ATLAH) Missionary Church, has made another bizarre claim about Barack Obama – that he is gay, and will be outed by Russian President Vladimir Putin within 100 days.


The claim, which has absolutely know basis whatsoever, was made on his controversial YouTube series The Manning Report. He said, “I want to prognosticate today that 100 days from this very hour… Either Vladimir Putin himself or one of his assistants or someone within the Russian government will call Mr Long-Legged Mack Daddy(Obama), will call him an outright gay, pervert, homosexual, sodomite.”

This is not the first time that the pastor or his church has bashed Obama or discriminated against gay people. Earlier this year, the Church displayed a sign outside it’s premises in New York that claimed that black women should be on alert for the “white homo” trying to “take your man”.

In the past he has changed the message on the sign to say various homophobic slogans like “Jesus would stone homos” and on one went as far as saying that anyone who supported “homos” will contract HIV and syphilis.

Watch the bizarre video below.



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