WATCH: Trailer For Scandal Filled Documentary 'Scotty And The Secret History Of Hollywood'

The documentary about the ex-marine who arranged gay hook-ups for closeted Hollywood stars is ready to make your jaw drop.

Scotty Bowers relaxes in the garden of his Hollywood home

Scotty Bowers’ life was as scandal and adventure filled as the movies his hook-ups starred in. Lover to many of the greatest male and female stars of classic Hollywood, his journey has been immortalised in film with the release of the documentary – ‘Scotty And The Secret History Of Hollywood’.

Taking as its basis his shocking biography ‘Full Service: My Adventures In Hollywood And The Secret Sex Lives Of The Stars’, it details his life as both a sex partner to the stars and a pimp who arranged hook-ups for those who would prefer to keep their sex lives secret.

After World war II, the ex-marine took a job as a pump jockey in a popular gas station. Word soon spread around the studios of his ability to organise sex encounters and private parties with a never ending supply of beauties of all sexes. Bowers’ popularity soared to the stage these talents became his main occupation.

As the documentary says, “The strict moral code that we associate with Hollywood was a very traditional viewpoint – ‘the stars were just good honest law abiding citizens’. It turned out there was a whole alternate world to which most had no access or no knowledge.”

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While the documentary has just been released, the book, ‘Full Service’ is eye openingly honest and graphic. Bowers claims Cole Porter had a voracious appetite, asking, “can you bring 15 guys up. One after the other”. He boasts he provided over 150 girls for bisexual Katherine Hepburn. And Charles Laughton’s taboo sexual proclivities have to be read to be believed.

Bowers’ own sex live was also a stellar affair. Reading as a who’s who of the biggest and brightest, he claims, “I’ve been with Cary Grant, Rock Hudson and Charles Laughton. In Frank Sinatra’s house I had a three-way with Ava Gardner and Lana Turner”. And that’s just for starters.

For lovers of scandal, classic Hollywood, and stories of classic Hollywood’s lovers, Scotty’s book and documentary are essential entertainments.

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