What To Do At Dublin Comic Con

Dublin Comic Con kicks off tomorrow so we've got the run-down on what to expect (apart from loads of people dressed as Pickachu, that is).


Returning to its home in Dublin’s Convention Centre, this year’s Dublin Comic Con has more nerdy content then you can shake a replica lightsaber (boxed, mint condition) at.

However, to make the most of the weekend, be sure to check out DCC’s website and have a look at the programme of events because there’s so much going you won’t want to miss out on the panels, interactive installments, cosplay, retrogaming station and other good stuff.

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Here’s just some of the highlights:

Panels within Panels

Of particular interest is the  ‘LGBT Creators & Characters In Comics’ panel (panel room 1, August 13, 12pm). The panel is hosted by graphic novelist Jason Browne (The Man With No Libido) with Katie Fleming (100 More Times), Anthea West (Fate), David Ferguson (Irish Comic News). All of the panellists have scripted LGBT+ themed stories, and will take part in a discussion on the current state of queer characters and creators in the comics’ industry.

Cosplay, All Day

Cosplay isn’t just for hardcore fans or really, really ripped men who just want to show off their muscles off. International Comic Cons, like San Diego’s are wall-to-wall with cosplayers – you can hardly grab an enchilada at the concessions stand without bumping into 25 Sherlocks, 12 Dr Whos and a handful of gender-swapped Sailor Moons.

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The cosplay contest at this year’s convention has a whopping €3,000 prize. So you know, dye your hair or get yourself down to IKEA, grab a rug and cosplay as the King (or Queen) in the North.

My personal favourite is when people do sexy Pokemon cosplay because of the hilarious incongruity and the flimsy pretense of it being about fandom, not just about showing off your abs. Whatever. Here’s a picture of some sexy cosplayers from New York’s Flame Con so you get the idea.

Game of Bones

Probably the saddest thing about watching Game of Thrones as a dog lover is the high death count for the Stark’s direwolves. Lady, Grey Wind, Shaggy Dog and Summer are all deader than GRR Martin’s enthusiasm for actually finishing the Song of Fire and Ice saga.


Happily, two of the wolves from the original series – Odin and Thor, who played Summer and Grey Wind – will be in attendance. So, queue up for the chance to have your picture taken with the wolves, or for the chance to get absolutely covered in husky fur.

There are also a number of fairly cool celebrity attendees (with photo opportunities, of course), including Game of Thrones’ The Mountain, aka Icelandic strongman Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson.

For fans of Star Trek TNG (and I know there are tons of you out there because LGBT+ viewers have always been suckers for the show’s view of a progressive, utopian future), Marina Sirtis aka Deanna Troy will be a huge draw. Ditto for fans of epic HBO drama The Sopranos, who will no doubt choke on their manicott’ at the chance to be so close to the only man to ever sass Tony Soprano about his weight, Ralphie Cifaretto (Joe Patantoliano). He was also in the Matrix and the Goonies, but whatever.

There’s a ton of other guests and most have photoshoots and signings available for between €30 – €40. G’wan, ask The Mountain to squeeze your cheeks – I dare you.

Dublin Comic Con runs from August 11 – 13, at Convention Centre, Spencer Dock, Dublin 1.


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