Rose And Rosie Bring Their Sex-Positive Comedy Tour To Ireland

Married couple Rose and Rosie have made a full-time job out of sharing their lives and love on YouTube, and now they’re taking their brand of sex-positive comedy on tour with a live stage show. It’s one giant step in a plan for world domination, as Mary Considine discovers.


This interview of Rose and Rosie was originally published in GCN’s April 2017 Issue, Issue 328, which is available to read online here.


In 2016, Colleen Ballinger, better known to millions of people around the world as Miranda Sings, became the first YouTube personality to make the jump from internet fame to scripted television. Her sitcom for Netflix, Haters Back Off, garnered mixed reviews, but big ratings ensured the commisioning of a second season, which will stream later this year.

YouTube itself is the fulcrum on which the joke at the heart of Haters Back Off balances. Miranda, who has a voice that might curdle milk and an ego to match, is voraciously ambitious for YouTube fame, covering her favourite songs. It’s a wry commentary on the plethora of motivated millennials who have latched on to the video channel as a means to a celebrity end.



Ballinger’s rise epitomises the ultimate goal of many of YouTube’s biggest names. This month’s GCN cover stars, married couple Rose Ellen Dix and Rosie Spaughton, known to their million YouTube susbcribers as Rose and Rosie, don’t hide their aspirations under a bushel.


Watch Out Netflix!

“Netflix is our ultimate goal,” says Rosie, the quieter of the two. “We’d love to write a series and possibly star in it – that would be the dream.”

Dark-haired Rose cites Ballinger as the stimulus for the pair’s venture into live performance, Exposed, which comes to Dublin’s Vicar Street this month. “We were so inspired when we saw her show back in 2012,” she says. “I thought she was so talented and fearless, and such a creative force. Look at her now, she’s absolutely huge!”

The exclamation mark at the end of that statement epitomises Rose. She’s a fast-talking, super-enthusiastic ball of energy with a lot to say. Rosie, by comparison, is more considered. She’ll answer a question that’s specifically directed her way, but otherwise leaves Rose to do the chatting. The pair went on their first date in 2011, having gotten together in a typically lesbian fashion. “We dated the same person,” Rose laughs. “But not at the same time!”

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Rose and Rosie’s ‘Exposed’ is at Vicar Street on Monday, April 24, tickets from €32.50 on

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