Act Up Dublin Launch New Zine 'Come Out Fighting'

A person's armpit in pink and grey with the words Come Out Fighting stamped over it

Come Out Fighting is a new zine for men who have sex with men about sex, their bodies and issues affecting them


Act Up Dublin, the Irish capital’s chapter of the international social movement organisation, will launch a new zine entitled ‘Come Out Fighting’.

The new zine, which will be available exclusively in Pantibar on 26 April from 7pm ’til 10pm, comes from the people behind and Butcher Queers.

According to the Facebook Event page, the new zine will address issues which face men who have sex with men (MSM) and provide “honest opinion and factual information”.

“Brought to you by the makers of Butcher Queers and creators of, Come Out Fighting is a publication that pulls no punches about sex, our bodies and the issues facing men who have sex with men,” the page reads.

“The first issue features candid interviews with regular guys about dating, desire with discussions about sex and relationships. Come Out Fighting is anchored in honest opinion and factual information that delivers truth without shame or apology. ”


Empowering Readers

Stephen Moloney, the creator of, reveals that Come Out Fighting aims to empower its readers with a mix of original content and repurposed stores from his website.

“Come Out Fighting is a collaboration between Butcher Queers and on behalf of Act Up Dublin,” Moloney said.

“It takes an honest look at how we view sex; hooking up, getting off – the before, during and after.

“Come Out Fighting hopes to provoke conversations about how we view ourselves and each other as sexual beings, beyond just headless torsos. It seeks to celebrate sex, intimacy, love, lust or whatever you’re having yourself. It hopes to empower, regardless of status,” he added.

“There will be original content, repurposed stories from, hard and soft pieces, and strong visuals.”

Since copies of the zine are limited, make sure to get to Pantibar on Wednesday, April 26 for 7pm to pick up a copy.

What issues and topics would you like to see addressed in the next Come Out Fighting?

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