10 Best Gay Christmas TV Specials Ever

absolutely fabulous christmas

Nothing gets you in the spirit of Christmas like some campy Christmas tales from our favourite TV gays.


Let’s face it – Christmas can be a boring in TV land. Your shows are on hiatus, nothing but Christmas films you’ve seen 483 times offend your television scenes, and your granddad gets drunk and insists on watching mass live from the Vatican.

So, why not watch back on these little gay gems of Christmas wonder? We’ve compiled ten of the best, heart-warming, and most fabulous Christmas specials you can watch this month.

Glee – A Very Glee Christmas

Okay, so Glee is well passed its sell-by-date but this was still a pretty cute episode. Sue is her usual terrible self; Will is trying his best to help the Glee club think of others; Brittany still believes in Santa because of course she does, and Blaine and Kurt’s budding relationship has yet to be realised. It’s saccharine but so is 99% of Glee so don’t be surprised if, after watching, you are left with a slight toothache and some deep-seeded regret – just what Christmas is all about.

Modern Family – Express Christmas

modern family christmas

Upon realising that the family will be apart for Christmas, they all decide to have ‘Express Christmas’ on December 16th. The episode contains the usual shenanigans and multiple things going wrong but it has a lot of heart, and is considered a popular episode by anyone’s standards.

The New Normal – Baby Proofing

the new normal christmas

With the holidays fast approaching, and the impending birth of their baby, David and Bryan are, for lack of a better word, freaking out. Goldie is overeating due to her pregnancy, and David seems to be joining her. Bryan uses wine as a crutch (haven’t we all been there?) It’s all mishaps, baby-proofing and finally coming to an understanding. A Christmas miracle – and all that.

Orange is the New Black – Can’t Fix Crazy

oitnb christmas

It’s the season finale of our favourite prison comedy-drama and it’s Christmas! Larry dumps Piper, Alex dumps Piper, Pennsatucky is trying to kill Piper – basically, it’s not a Merry Christmas for Piper. The ladies perform in a Christmas pageant and surprise most of the audience by their talent. Everyone freaks out over their Secret Santa gift exchange. It all ends on a cliffhanger, not knowing the fate of Piper and Pennsatucky – y’know, typical Christmas.

Will & Grace – A Little Christmas Queer

The gang travel to Will’s WASP-y mother’s house for Christmas and hilarity ensues. Will’s mother doesn’t allow Grace to forget her Jewish roots, while Grace cops off with Will’s brother. Jordy, Will’s nephew, is assumed to be gay and wants to perform for the family, which upsets Will as his mother never allowed it when he was a child. Karen finally finds a child that she likes, in the form of Sam’s adopted daughter. How touching.

Ugly Betty – Be-Shure

ugly betty christmas

Ignacio plans a multi-cultural holiday, inspired by his new flame’s Judaism. Betty and Hilda both have pregnancy scares, and a mix-up of pregnancy tests (because, of course). It turns out that Hilda is the one who is pregnant, though Matt is disappointed that it isn’t Betty. Then it’s all talk of marriage and babies and stuff.

Absolutely Fabulous – Cold Turkey

ab fab christmas

Eddie has decided, for the first time ever, to stay at home for Christmas and spend it with the family. Of course, Patsy is pissed that she can’t enjoy a holiday with Eddie herself. Patsy has PTSD flashbacks of childhood Christmases and somewhere, someone sticks a pin in a Patsy voodoo doll. Patsy is rushed to hospital and her sister Jackie visits unexpectedly. Jackie dies suddenly. At lunch, Patsy asks for a slice of turkey, to everyone’s surprise, and after years without solid food, chokes.

Happy Endings – No-Ho-Ho

Much to everyone’s surprise, Jane is a Christmas baby and has been lying about her birthday so she wouldn’t receive the dreaded ‘combination gift’. There is a group of Christmas babies who want to ruin Christmas for everyone else (I’m not a Christmas baby but I would enjoy that immensely). The gang attempts to cease their Christmas celebrations so that Jane can have her non-Christmas birthday but it’s all a bit much for them. Some people just can’t fight the Christmas spirit.

Ally McBeal – The Man With The Bag

ally mcbeal christmas

Nelle hires John to defend her father in a case brought against him – he’s a teacher who truly believes he is Santa Claus. Larry (the glorious Robert Downey Jr.) is currently dating Ally but gets jealous when his ex and the mother of his child returns. Vonda Shepherd performed (Everybody’s Waitin’ For) The Man With The Bag and it has since become a popular Christmas song. It’s a sweet and heart-felt episode, without too much cheesiness but, you know, there’s still a dash of cheese.

Popular – Fall On Your Knees

Ryan Murphy’s 90s teen drama was the business, and this episode is no different. Christmas is about giving and generosity and joy – but not for Nicole. A chorus of “Bah Humbug” rolls from her tongue at every turn so . She steals money from the charity; gets her teacher fired from her second job. Her dead friend Marley Jacobs brings her through the typical Scrooge-scenario. Brooke and Sam are forced to share their Christmas holiday parties and make it one large one – though, obviously, they hate each other.

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