10 Hilarious Gay 'Saturday Night Live' Sketches


‘Saturday Night Live’ alum Amy Poehler is in Ireland today to give a special talk to a lucky few Trinity College students. Like the masses of Poehler fans who have been denied entry to the event, we’re heartbroken.


To drown our sorrows, we run down our top ten favourite gay-centric ‘Saturday Night Live’ sketches and characters.


10. Gay Camp

The ever liberal SNL tackles ‘gay conversion’ camps in this sketch from season 38, starring camp leader Ben Affleck.

9. Lesbian Christmas Party

An oldie, but a goodie. This 1992 sketch, featuring Glenn Close, pokes fun at all the lesbian stereotypes.



8. Katy Perry opening monologue

Katy Perry gets steamy with an old friend (Kristen Wiig) in her opening monologue when she hosted a few years back. Okay, they don’t kiss. But still a lesbian favourite.



7. Ellen Page Goes To A Melissa Etheridge Concert

Prior to her official coming out last year, Ellen Page may have hinted at her sexuality in an SNL sketch back in 2008. “Why can’t I just hug a woman with my legs in friendship?”

Ellen Page – SNL 2008 from Camila on Vimeo.



6. Gingey

Amy Poehler’s gingey isn’t like her sisters. She’s more into going fishing than wearing dresses and dancing. Only her grandma, Betty White, has figured out why.


5. Xanax For Gay Summer Weddings

For straight people who get anxious about attending gay summer weddings, because they simply won’t be fabulous enough.



4. The Ambiguously Gay Duo

Poking fun at old school camp superhero cartoons, the Ambiguously Gay Duo is full of innuendo. But are they a couple?


3. The Spartans

300 star Gerard Butler pokes fun at the blatant homoeroticism in the action movie – while also taking a dig at the Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy (pre-repeal).



2. Cat Rescue Commercial

Kate McKinnon and Charlize Theron play Barbara and Jackie, cat-obsessed girlfriends.

1. Stefon

Bill Hader’s Stefon is a firm favourite among SNL fans. He channels a NYC gay hipster club kid – who lists off obscure, camp and downright bizarre clubs. He drops into Weekend Update to flirt with host Seth Meyers regularly. Fun Fact: Hader’s lines always are changed by writers right before show time – making Hader crack up almost every time.

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