10 Questions with... Truly DiVine


Dublin cabaret diva, Truly DiVine steps into the shoes of the legendary Marlene Dietrich to take audiences back to the glittering darkness of Weimar Berlin, the glamour of 1930’s Hollywood and the sparkles of Las Vegas, dressed in top hats and diamonds. Along with the playful Josh Johnston on piano, Truly will thrill audiences this month with stories of Deitrich’s life and loves, and the songs we know so well, but first she sits down with The Outmost for ten pertinent questions about her own life and loves.



Hi Truly! Tell us, what do you and Marlene Dietrich have in common?


We are both blonde, have an exotic Germanic accent, and like to wear top hats. Unfortunately I am not like her in the Leg Department…


What is your favourite Marlene song, and why?

It must be ‘Falling In Love Again’, for I too fall in love too easily, and I can’t help it. There are just too many beautiful people in the world!


Describe Dietrich’s Angels in five fabulous words.

Glamorous, flirtatious, tongue in cheek.


If you could ask Marlene one question, what would it be?

Dahling, where did you hide all your dresses?


Name five people, alive or dead, you’d love to have at a dinner party.

Marlene Dietrich – I’d have her cook the meal and set the scene (she was a fabulous cook and host). Doris Day – for her endless positive outlook in the face of adversity. Nina Simone – for her intelligence and power. Mae West – for her bosom and wit. Danny Kaye – for all his talents (and the fact he’s the only one I ever did meet).


If Marlene was to duet with a current pop star, who do you think she would choose?

Will.I.Am, for together they would rock Ghetto Bling.


Why do you think Marlene is such a gay icon?

For giving the world the first onscreen kiss between two women, her open and honest sexuality, her love for men’s pants. And sheer fabulousness.


Who would play you in the Hollywood movie of your life, and what would it be called?

Michelle Williams starring in Caramel and Flowers.


If the world were ending tomorrow, what would you do today?

Make love, drink wine and fall asleep in the sunshine.


The meaning of life according to Truly DiVine?

Life is my oyster – I like to create beautiful things out of life’s dirt.



Dietrich’s Angels: Marlene Rides Again, Friday June 19, Arthur’s Pub, 28 Thomas Street, Dublin 8, doors 8pm, show 8.30pm. Tickets here, or on the door.





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