Dublin Lesbian Line Presents: Good Mood Festival


Dublin Lesbian Line presents their next event in the Good Mood Series; a health food workshop at Outhouse.


Get advice, in a non judgement environment, about food and exercise. Thinking about adopting a healthier lifestyle can sometimes be daunting.

“You NEED to eat this, you CAN’T eat that. You HAVE to go running several times a week, you MUST NOT have a week off. You SHOULD do this in your free time and you absolutely SHOULD NOT do this… It is no wonder that people become overwhelmed just at the thoughts of looking after themselves; before we’ve even gotten started it seems we’re getting it all wrong!

“Here at DLL and also at See Change, we don’t go in for telling people what to do! We decided we would take that tough stuff; food, exercise and lifestyle and make them fun!”


All genders and sexualities welcome.


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