10 Straight Celebs For Marriage Equality

Colin Farrell

In just two weeks Ireland will vote on whether same-sex couples can marry or not. Here are ten terrific celebrities, calling for a big Yes!


Hozier Gay marriageHozier

“The more I consider the difficulty and frustration any LGBT community member might face living in a society that ‘others’ on an institutional level, the more I consider this referendum not just an opportunity to correct an injustice, but an opportunity to offer a long overdue gesture of solidarity and acceptance to fellow brothers and sisters on a national level.” Watch Hozier’s video message for marriage equality here.



NualasThe Nualas

‘In the past, gay people in Ireland were always allowed to get married. Just so long as they didn’t marry other gay people. Let’s change that.’ Watch The Nuala’s single for marriage equality here.




Niall BreslinBressie

“I believe in the essence of equality which is why I sincerely want to see a yes vote in the marriage referendum on May 22. One part of me still finds it really hard to believe that we have to vote on whether two people who love each other can get married, but that’s another day’s work.” Read Bressie’s Irish Examiner column on marriage equality here.



Byrne GayGay Byrne

“I think it’s long overdue. You must remember, I lived through people walking out of the Late Late Show because we were discussing the possibility of decriminalising homosexuality. I lived though all of that, so to find ourselves in this situation now, it would have been unimaginable to the people of Ireland, even probably 10 years ago.” Listen to Gay Byrne’s interview here.



Doyle KennedyMaria Doyle Kennedy

“I think it’s pretty clear where I stand (I will be voting Yes). I cannot understand why anyone would have a problem with people who want to marry being able to do that.” Watch Maria Doyle Kennedy’s video for her marriage equality single here.




Glen Hansard Gay Marriage

Glen Hansard

“We shouldn’t even have to vote this in. It should be done already.”




Ciara Sidine Gay marriageCiara Sidine

“Mothers and fathers matter so that we can try and create a better, fairer world for our children, who are born gay, transgender, bisexual, straight, and anywhere else on the magical spectrum of humanity that makes them who they are.” Read Ciara Sidine’s column on equal marriage here.



Huberman AmyAmy Huberman

“100% totally, definitively, positively, affirmatively voting yes! “




Colin Farrell Gay MarriageColin Farrell

“This referendum is a chance for us to arise. To wake up to the conviction that true love from the heart of one being to another cares not for the colour, nor the creed, nor the gender of who it chooses to share that path with.” Watch Colin Farrell’s Primetime interview for marriage equality here.



Flynn TaraTara Flynn

“For me it’s a simple matter of human rights. I would love to show the world that Ireland believes in equal rights for all its citizens.” Watch Tara Flynn’s parody on the No campaign video here.







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