10 Ways to One-Up Your Friend's Wedding


Planning your big gay day and want it to stand out from all of your mates’ weddings? Attention to detail is KEY!


Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life – whether it’s a party of 200, 20 or 2 – it’s supposed to be what you want. However, part of it being the best day of your life, means it has to be better than every other wedding you have ever attended.

Time to break out the claws and see how to one-up the weddings of your very best friends.


1. Theme

Be it a colour scheme or a Star Wars theme, or you want to show your love of Furries, themes are cool and you know it. What do you think your mutual friends will remember? That traditional run-of-the-mill wedding or your big gay Harry Potter wedding?

harry potter wedding


2. Clothes

Make sure you are show-stopping in your gown, suit, or beachy linens – some extra element to your outfit will help. Show off your tattoos or accessorise with these hella cool Converse.

rainbow converse wedding


3. Ceremony

Quick and entertaining is the way to go – whether it is funny or romantic or featuring a ring-bearing lizard, make sure your guests aren’t checking their watches. You know that your guests just stick out the ceremony so they can get stuck into the alcohol.

kim k yawning


4. Cake

You don’t have to have one, or you could freeze it and sell it for thousands like Kate and Wills. Not into sweets? Your wedding centerpiece could be made of cheese – wonderful cheese. Just make sure it’s delicious and there is enough to go around.

miranda wedding cake


5. Food

Steak and/or chicken is the way to go for the meat-eaters, you can rarely go wrong. Remember you’ll have a bunch of hungry drunkards wandering around the dance floor otherwise.
Also, have a vegetarian option that isn’t risotto – vegetarians are sick of risotto.

wedding cake


6. Photographer

You need a photographer that will give in to your whims, such as a staged Jurassic Park picture, and capture the moments you may not even remember otherwise – such as the stress of getting ready in the morning or capturing the images of your suit, gown or flowers, before they are just a distant memory.

jurassic park wedding


7. Videographer

What better way to memorialise the first glances as you walk up the aisle? A video of your first dance that isn’t taken on an iPhone? There are so many wonderful filmmakers to choose from like Big Day Films. They offer beautiful classic, vintage and retro packages and practically make your wedding video Oscar-worthy.


8. Party Favours

Mini liquor bottles, personalised soap, seeds, chocolate, a party bag or even flip-flops – no more sore feet or complaining. Show your guests that you care, that you’ve thought about them while, at the same time, giving the finger to your recently-married friend.

wedding flip flops

Or sunglasses for your outdoor ceremony…


9. Seating Arrangements

Seat people with their friends or people they know. Just because you weren’t afforded the same courtesy at other weddings doesn’t mean you should take it out on your guests. And for the love of God, don’t seat people with their exes.


10. Music

Choose your DJ or band wisely – you may love Irish trad, or your spouse might love heavy metal but make sure the music caters to most tastes. Remember, the party will go on much longer than any other element of your day and you want your guests to dance like they are in a local production of Fame.

… but most of all, enjoy yourself.

up wedding

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