Almost 10,000 Sign Petition To Boot Pro-LGBT+ Priest From Irish Papal Visit Event

Father James Martin, a supporter of the LGBT+ community, was the subject of a near 10,000 strong petition to have him blocked from the World Meeting Of Families during the Papal visit to Ireland.

Father James Martin, the subject of a petition to block him from the Papal visit event, stands smiling with a city scape in the background

Despite constant insistence that the World Meeting Of Families event to be held during the Papal visit is pro-LGBT+ and inclusive of all, it has recently come to light that a petition has been signed to block Fr James Martin from attending.

A group calling themselves TFP (Tradition, Family, Property) have amassed the signatures of over 9,700 people on their petition addressed to Archbishop Diarmuid Martin asking him to rescind Fr James’ invitation. They have a problem with his long standing support for the LGBT+ community.

Fr Martin has spoken in the past saying: “We need to see LGBT people as full members of the church, by virtue of their baptism. They need to know that God loves them and their church accepts them.” He said he appreciated the invitation to the Papal visit event for “what it says to LGBT Catholics – a group of people who have for so long felt excluded. I hope they see this invitation… as an unmistakable sign of welcome from the church.”

Unfortunately, that’s not quite the way it’s working out. The petition against Fr Jame states: “The choice of Dublin as venue by Pope Francis should serve as a consolation for Ireland at a difficult time… We are disappointed and greatly concerned that Fr James Martin will speak at the event, casting a shadow over its proceedings. Fr Martin is well known for his dissent from Church teaching on sexual morality. He has articulated views which condone homosexual behaviour in contradiction of the Magisterium.”

The attack continues: “Fr Martin is also in disagreement with the Catechism of the Catholic Church’s reference to homosexual inclination as ‘gravely disordered.’ In this way he would prevent those with same sex inclination from arriving at a true understanding of their condition in the light of church teaching and God’s mercy.”

As of yet, it seems the petition was not successful in having Fr Martin removed, although it certainly has added to a feeling of hostility towards LGBT+ attendees. It comes on the heels of pro-LGBT+ groups being blocked from attending the event and the news that all references to same-sex relationships were removed from promotional materials.

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