11 Most Hilarious Pranks on Youtube

april fools prank

So it’s April Fool’s Day and the pranks are aplenty. It’s the day people hope to make sure that those they love will never trust them again.


To mark the occasion, we thought it was time to trawl through Youtube and pick out some of the most surprising, terrifying, or just classic pranks to ever be filmed.


1. Prank Gone Wrong

One of the greatest and most unexpected reactions to a prank – if only we could all react to terror in such a way.


2. Devil’s Due

The terrible horror movie, Devil’s Due, came up with a pretty ingenious marketing campaign – luckily, they filmed it because what’s a viral campaign if it can’t go viral?


3. Elevator Prank

Don’t lie – though most of us don’t believe in such things as the paranormal – our bowels would abandon our bodies in a similar situation.


4. Spider Dog

The majority of people love dogs or – if you’re a weirdo – just tolerate them, but after this, we wouldn’t be so sure. The little guy just looks so happy in his costume, though!


5. Teacher Prank

This poor guy – how would you even react in that situation? In fairness, those students are sadistic and genius for such young people. Watch out for them ruling the world…


6. Racecar Driving

Posted just a week ago, this awesome chick drives like a boss. Fair warning, many of these driving instructors have no sense of humour.


7. Ouija Board

It just goes to show – don’t trust anything that is free.


8. Man Wears Leggings

This guy thought it would be interesting to experiment with how it feels to be leered at like a woman.


9. Magic Prank

Featuring Youtube personality GloZell, this prank takes the form of a magic trick – that ending though.


10. Scary Maze

The original ‘scary maze’ prank – the prank that people force upon their children because they are terrible people. Regardless, this is perfect.


11. Killer Clown

Don’t lie, you would run into a blazing fire if it meant getting away from this terrifying specimen.

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