13 Funniest LGBT Comics


Who says we aren’t funny? We run down our favourite lesbian, gay, bi and trans comedians and actors who know how to tickle our funny bone.


1.Portia De Rossi

Ellen’s other half, but just as funny in her own right! Portia’s role as Lindsay Bluth in Arrested Development solidified her rep as a funny gal.


2. Wanda Sykes

Sykes has been one of the funniest people in the bizz since the early 90s. An Emmy Award-winning comedy writer,stand up comic, movie star… and she even made it on OUT magazine’s most powerful LGBT’s list in 2009. She only came out of the closet in 2008 after having been married to a man for seven years. Now, she is happily partnered and does a huge amount of campaigning for LGBT rights.


3.Simon Amstell

Amstell was fired from his first gig in Nickelodeon for making popstars uncomfortable during interviews. Thank God for that, because it was trademark irreverence that made his stand up such a success and landed him a spot on the Nevermind the Buzzcocks panel.


4. Ian Harvie

Although Ian had a tough time coming to terms with his gender identity as a child, the trans stand up comic now fully embraces every part of himself and uses it his comedy shows.



5.Graham Norton

Originally known as the overbearing Father Noel Furlong on Father Ted, he is now TV’s top talk show host! I think we all agree that his sarcastic commentary of the Eurovision is the highlight of the song contest every year.



6. Jesse Tyler Ferguson

One half of the Modern Family super couple that is Mitch and Cam, Jesse Tyler Ferguson and honourary gay Eric Stonestreet are our favourite TV couple.


7. Nathan Lane

His iconic career has spanned four decades. From roles in classics like The Birdcage and even The Lion King, he has become one of the most recognisable actors in the business. It’s hard to pick just one Lane moment, but it’s perhaps his most recent role as super gay wedding planner Pepper Saltzman on Modern Family that has pulled in a whole new generation of fans.


8. Ellen Degeneres

The queen of daytime TV… need we say anymore?


9. Gearoid Farrelly

Another Irishman makes the list. This up-and-comer has won numerous awards, and was even asked to tour with Joan Rivers. And it’s no surprise why!


10. Kate McKinnon

Saturday Night Live’s first openly lesbian cast member only joined the iconic show in 2012. In two short years, she has become a fan favourite. It was her impression of Ellen that made her an internet darling, but everything else she does is comedy gold. Dyke and Fats anyone?

Here is one of her MANY amazing appearances on the show.


11. Sandra Bernhard

The bi comedienne was ranked in Comedy Central’s 100 Greatest Standups Of All Time list, and for good reason! She has been around for a long time. Check out this clip from the vault where she appears on Letterman alongside Madonna.



12. Margaret Cho

Many would argue that openly bi Margaret Cho is one of the funniest women alive. Watch her impersonate her own mother speaking about gay people. Priceless.


13. Hannah Hart

This is one YouTuber who made it on her own. In 2011, she started her web series My Drunk Kitchen. The YouTube hit did exactly what it says on the tin – she would get drunk and attempt to cook something that required sobriety. What’s not to like?! Her internet fame has opened doors for the 27 year-old, she has a cookbook and recently went on a world tour with her 75 minute stage show No Filter. Not to mention, she is a heart throb of lesbians everywhere! Swoon.


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