Grindr Recommends Truvada PrEP to Users


The World Health Organisation recently put out a statement advising gay men to use the antiretroviral drug Truvada PrEP as a means of prevention against HIV, and now gay ‘dating’ app Grindr is getting in on the act too.


Be PrEPared: Grindr offers free info session

The next time you frantically open the battery-draining hook-up facilitator, you may be greeted by a pop-up icon (right) before you get down to business.

A representative for the popular app, which recently teased a new look, told BuzzFeed, “To date, Grindr has helped raise awareness surrounding numerous PrEP initiatives including studies and information sessions. Grindr is highly committed to promoting safe sex within the communities and strongly encourages our users to engages in safe sex practices, get tested and know their HIV status”.

The Telegaph accused the World Health Organisation of gay stereotyping following its advice to gay men, saying “Worryingly, this latest recommendation does nothing to dispel the myth that all gay men are promiscuous, irresponsible or ignorant and regularly play Russian roulette with their sexual health. The World Health Organisation appears to have created a situation with a very clear winner (drugs companies) and a very clear loser (gay men)”.

In an interview last week with The Outmost, gay porn star Brock Hatcher told “It’s good that Truvada PrEP is there and it avoids a lot of drama, but caution still needs to be taken – and common sense. Gays are getting too easy”.

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