21 Tweets That Sum Up The Cultural Importance Of Gay Spar

I mean, the spire is cool and all, but we all know that Gay Spar is the true top Dublin landmark.

gay spar on dame street in Dublin

Gay spar isn’t just a quick stop after a night out where you grab a much-needed chicken fillet roll, it is an important part of the night out itself, and the epicentre of queer life in Dublin. Here is why Gay Spar is probably the most important and iconic landmark in the big shmoke.

If you don’t go to gay spar after a night out, did you even go on a night out?

It is just the epitome of Dublin culture.

Maybe it’s more than just a convenient little shop/deli…

Gay Spar doesn’t try too hard to be Gay Spar, it just is Gay Spar.

And it is honestly just the epicentre for romance and everything that is good in this world.

And it would be UNREAL if we could just have the whole night out there.

Even Gaga gets it.

And did you know…

But sometimes we have got to call them out on their awful carry-on.


And honestly, did you even visit Dublin at all if you didn’t visit this iconic landmark? Franny missed out there.

And they know what’s up when it comes to the music they play.

But again, sometimes we come across awful carry on in Gay Spar.

This pretty much sums up our feelings about the place…

The gaybours know that’s where the party is at.

I think the gays of Dublin are on a mission to take over every convenience store in the city centre, and I am totally here for it.

But sometimes they try to sneak in some of that straight culture…

And we’re not saying this behaviour is right, but we understand.

Honestly, we need someone to go around and give them all queer-themed nicknames. Let’s make this a movement.

Ok, I think they might know what they are doing.

Doireann knows what’s up.

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