27 thoughts I had at my first Garbage gig in Iveagh Gardens

Despite being a huge fan of Garbage I had never seen them in concert. Until last night. This is what I was thinking while watching the show.

Split screen of Shirley Manson from Garbage and a screaming fan

I’ve been a fan of Garbage since I was a teenager (which is, sadly, a long time ago) but for whatever reason, I’ve never managed to see them live. To say I was excited to get tickets for their Iveagh Gardens show would be a huge understatement.

Despite the adrenaline rush, I’ve managed to write down most of the things that ran through my head last night.

Here we go:

1. My first gig in the Iveagh Gardens, didn’t know what to expect but it’s a really nice setting and the stage is bigger than I thought.

2. The crowd is exactly how I expected it to be – a nice mix of people, dyed hair, tattoos, piercings and an overall ‘alternative vibe’ going on.

3. Yaaaassss we are SOOOO CLOSE! Literally right at the stage!!!

4. They are starting to soundcheck the instruments. Literally cannot wait.

5. Support act Whenyoung have just started playing and I recognise the drummer from queuing at the toilets, had no idea I’d be seeing him on stage. Nice hair.

6. Whenyoung are really good! The lead singer has a great voice and the songs are instantly catchy and make me want to jump around and dance. A  Cranberries meets Fight Like Apes vibe. Definitely gonna look them up.

7. HOLY SHIT! The show is about to start, I’m about to see Garbage live for the first time ever and I’m freaking out!!!

8. They are here! Shirley Manson looks amazing in her Victorian-steampunk black dress and I’m already screaming at the top of my lungs. I’m definitely losing my voice tonight.

9. Shirley’s voice is AMAZING! Honestly, I cannot cope with how great she sounds!

Shirley Manson from Garbage singing

10. Stupid Girl starts playing and the crowd is going WILD! I can’t believe I am finally getting to see them live. I’m over the moon.

11. Shirley is dancing around the stage. The amount of energy and stage presence she has is out of this world. What an absolute badass!!!

12. Shirley takes a moment to thank the staff and ‘local heroes’ Whenyoung and says that last year was the first time Garbage played in Ireland in 20 YEARS (???). She says they had wanted to play here before but never managed to and that it’s an extraordinary privilege to be playing in Dublin again. The audience cheers. I missed them last year but I am SO HAPPY I made it this year.

13. Wicked Ways is playing now and we are so close to the stage. I take off my hat while she is looking in our direction and I think “did we just lock eyes”. Unlikely, but in my head we are bffs.

 14. There have been some technical issues with her pack for her in-ear monitors and Shirley jokes with the audience: “You must think we’re incredibly unprofessional. That’s because we are.” What a legend.

15. Some more minor technical issues – nobody cared cause they were ROCKING IT – but Shirley apologises and jokes with the audience again: “There’s absolutely no dignity in rock ‘n’ roll.” I LOVE her.

Shirley Manson from Garbage singing

16. Yaaaaassss!!! Special has just started and you can feel the crowd’s energy. Haven’t been taking many videos so far, this is too good, I want to enjoy it!

17. Shirley is talking about her dad who is 83 and recently decided to do a charity cycle in Africa. She jokes saying they have tried to convince him not do it since he’s not a cyclist, to which he replied: “I used to cycle when I was young”. She chuckles and I think – “I love this woman”. She proceeds to tell us that he was doing it because he always wanted to see Victoria Falls, so off he went. She ends the story describing how he texted that morning to let her know that he made it to the Falls. The crowd cheer and applaud. This is such a cute moment, one of my faves so far.

18. OMG!!! Push it is playing and everyone is going crazy. Did I mention we are SO CLOSE to the stage?!

19. Push it still playing and I’ve pretty much lost my shit. This is INCREDIBLE.

20. AAAHHHH Still dancing to Push it! I love this song so much, love the way Shirley’s voice sounds live, the way she moves across the stage, I love her… and this is making my gay-self very confused.

21. When I think I’m paranoid starts playing I look around and everyone is screaming along. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before…I still can’t believe I am getting to see them live!!! This is such an epic gig and I don’t want it to end.

Shirley Manson from Garbage pointing the microphone to the crowd

22. I can’t believe she is still dancing/jumping and her voice is flawless. She doesn’t even look tired and my legs are in bits. But I don’t care.

23. Shirley says the next song will be the last. Even Though Our Love Is Doomed starts playing. What a song. What a gig.

24. They just left the stage. I know they are coming back for an encore but it means the gig is almost over. NOOOOO!!!

25. They are back on stage. Please please PLEASE have them play Why do you love me!

26. Ok. Not Why do you love me but When I grow up is playing and Shirley puts the mic towards the crowd. We are ALL screaming. “Ba ba ba ba. Ba ba ba ba. Ba ba ba ba. Ba ba ba-ah-ah!”

27. I can’t believe the show is over. I can’t believe how good it was. I can’t believe how incredible Shirley’s vocal was. I can’t believe I love Garbage even more now. And, for the 100th time tonight, you might see this coming, but I can’t believe I finally got to see Garbage live.

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