31 LGBTQ+ podcasts you need to be listening to

Support queer creatives during your daily commute or on a stroll by listening to these wonderful LGBTQ+ podcasts.

Headphones surrounded by multicoloured confetti

Between rowdy neighbours, roaring traffic, and dreaded morning alarms, our ears deserve a little tender lovin’ care! And what better way to indulge those exacerbated eardrums than with the delightful sounds of some of the internet’s finest LGBTQ+ podcasts?

The podcasting industry is booming, with more LGBTQ+ podcasts being introduced every year! LGBTQ+ people have seized the creative opportunity to connect the community and unite in radiant joy, sadness, celebration, and all the emotions in-between.

Luckily for you, we’ve already fished out the finest, so go give your ears a gift!

I’m Grand Mam

Hey, Girlies! Cheeky Corkians Kevin Twomey and PJ Kirby are sure to have you in fits of giggles with their witty and “pure” laden explorations of growing up gay, and life in London. Their countless laugh-out-loud moments and hearty Cork accents will rope you in, and their hilarious and heartwarming banter with their mums will keep you coming back for more.

PozVibes Podcast

PozVibes is a phenomenal LGBTQ+ podcast for People Living With HIV, their friends, family and allies, sponsored by Dublin Pride. And as co-host and Irish drag legend Veda describes, it’s all about “trying to create change and spread those positive vibrations throughout Ireland.” The other half of PozVibes is Robbie Lawlor, Co-Founder of Access to Medicines Ireland and a Doctoral Scholar at Dublin City University. 

Petty Little Things

​​Sprinkled with dazzling special guests and sizzling hot scandal, Petty Little Things will have you giggling and gagging with each episode. Two of Dublin’s most esteemed and glamorous queens Victoria Secret and Davina Devine divulge on all the petty things that get them all riled up and share some tasty tidbits from their own drag careers! They are also frequently joined by superstar guests such as Bianca del Rio and Nicola Coughlan.

Like-Minded Friends

Tom Allen and Suzi Ruffell are two LGBTQ+ comedians who come together to talk about life, love, and culture. From discussing gay culture phenomenons such as It’s a Sin to more serious reflections on LGBTQ+ issues, this Podcast will make you think just as hard as it will make you laugh!

Sissy That Pod

Okuurrr, *tongue pop* if you’re not listening to Sissy that Pod, well hunty-darling you are only getting half the story! Sissy that Pod is serving that sweet RuPaul tea. Our hosts dissect each look, acting challenge, and Snatch Game appearance and sometimes they even have some super special guests! 

Friends of Dorothy

Candy Warhol and Kiki St Clair are the glamorous hosts of the sparking and delightful Friends of Dorothy! The queens chat about everything from their love of pop-culture icons to the latest Real Housewives meme! Not to mention they have been joined by superstar guests such as Bob the Drag Queen and BenDeLaCreme!

The Key of Q

This gripping new podcast series features music and conversations with queer artists from all over the world. Hosted by Dan Hall, the show explores the lives of these musicians and discusses how creativity can be a lifeline for queer people both as adults and growing up.

We’re Having Gay Sex

After 10 years of serial monogamy, comedian and lesbian Ashley Gavin has exchanged her straight life for one including a whole lot of exploratory sex. Partnering with co-host Gara Lonning, a gender-expansive, non-binary trans-masculine, pansexual, self-described “snowflake,” this hilarious podcast is not one to miss.

Each episode features comical retellings of every gritty detail of these experiments. Together, the two interview people from all over the gender and sexuality spectrums about their sex lives.

Inside the Closet

Co-host symmetry literally makes or breaks a podcast, and with two NYC comedians as hosts, we can attest that they’ve nailed the perfect partner banter. During Inside The Closet, Emma Willmann and Matteo Lane open up and share their experiences as gay comics and sexual beings.

A window into their friendship and ALL the details of their personal sex-periences, these episodes are bound to bring tears to our eyes (in the best way possible). Listeners would be hard-pressed to find LGBTQ+ podcasts more candid than Inside the Closet.

Getting Curious

If you can’t get enough of Jonathan Van Ness in all his hairy glory on Queer Eye, then this is the podcast for you. The podcast brings you inside of the mind of JVN as he explores everything and anything he’s curious about with experts in their respective fields. It’s centred in fun, and you feel like you’ve learned something by the end of every episode.

Food 4 Thot

From underwear parties to identity politics, messy annals to ’90s R&B, Food 4 Thot, dives deep into the latest of the LGBTQ+ community. The show features a roundtable discussion amongst fellow queers who are a multiracial mix of fantastic writers. The foursome includes the wonderful Dennis Norris II, Joseph Osmundson, Tommy Pico, and Fran Tirado,

Making Gay History

“Help us bring LGBTQ history to life through the voices of the people who lived it.”

This ear-catching statement is the driving message behind Making Gay History. Each episode of the podcast brings you on a journey through a hidden part of our community’s history from the mouths of the advocates, activists and allies who experienced it.

Las Culturistas

Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang are all you need to laugh out loud on your boring commute to work with one of the funniest LGBTQ+ podcasts on the internet. Saturday Night Live cast member Yang and Haute Dog host Rogers are here to bring you unforgettable stories from their friendship’s birth in their college days at NYU.

Each episode includes the segment ‘I Don’t Think So Honey’ where the hosts and their guests get one minute to rant about something they hate, including, going to bed without taking makeup off and restaurants that don’t allow dogs.

Gender Reveal

This podcast is like a warm light on a very very dark night. The baby of journalist and educator Tuck Woodstock, Gender Reveal explores the vast diversity of trans experiences through interviews with a wide array of trans, non-binary and two-spirit people. Listen to the incredible guests featured, and share this free educational tool on gender to anyone you think might need it (AKA all of us).

Disability After Dark

Andrew Gurza, disability awareness consultant and the host of this podcast, is an automatic friend to every listener with his facilitation of stark and real conversations surrounding disability, sexuality and everything else about the disability experience that we don’t talk about; the things about being disabled we keep in the dark.

The creator of the viral hashtag #DisabledPeopleAreHot, Gurza sheds light on the truth: disabled people bang.

Queery with Cameron Esposito

A lesbian stand-up comedian like no other, Cameron Esposito has brought a fresh blend of honest humour to the American stand-up scene, and the same can be said for her podcast. Each episode features an interview with a different queer personality that explores personal stories and LGBTQ+ journeys and the inclusivity of today’s culture.

With interviews with everyone from Trixie Mattel to one half of lesbian pop duo Tegan and Sarah, these hour-long episodes are a fantastic way to get your daily dose of queerness.

To L and Back

You know that number one lesbian TV show you hate to love? Yeah, that one. Hosted by Autostraddle.com’s Riese Bernard, one of the internet’s most storied L Word scholars, with writer and director Carly Usdin, each episode of this podcast corresponds with the hit lesbian-drama The L Word.

These episodes, joining the rank of top LGBTQ+ podcasts, come full of trivia, jokes, special guests, controversial Jenny takes, fond memories and other ways in which we live and love.

Hoodrat to Headwrap

This absolutely phenomenal show is a “decolonizing podcast for lovers on the margins,” that educates listeners about the racist history of the word “Caucasian”, why white people can’t get cancelled, and colourism.

Created by sexuality educator Ericka Hart and Deep East Oakland’s very own Ebony Donnley, the show is groundbreaking and you must listen.


Hosted by Matthias Roberts, who holds masters degrees in counselling and theology, this podcast asks an impactful question: How might we live better as queer people of faith or their allies?

Matthias brings together theologians, psychologists, poets, thinkers and change-makers for conversations around belief and being to better understand the intersection of faith and sexuality. Joining the rank of magnificent LGBTQ+ podcasts, this show of big questions and bigger guests is sure to enlighten your day.


This podcast features names like Pete Buttigieg, Holland Taylor, and Laverne Cox to discuss all things queer with prominent LGBTQ+ people. Produced by The Advocate in partnership with GLAAD, host Jeffrey Masters perfectly manages to ask all the burning questions we have as listeners for these incredibly interesting LGBTQ+ guests.

Memories From the Dancefloor

Hosted by Damian Kerlin, a Derry-born journalist, and publicist, this podcast celebrates the history of LGBTQ+ venues and the queer chaos, joy and community within them.

Whether their history has threads connected to the AIDS epidemic, trans inclusion, political undertows, or queer music, Damien explores these venues through a series of first-hand accounts and on-the-ground reporting. Come meet the founders, party boys, dykes, and drag queens who lived and loved in these incredible spaces that, today, remain under threat.

Bad Gays

Bad Gays is a podcast about the evil and complicated queers from history. Hosted by Huw Lemmey and Ben Miller, this podcast asks the question, “Why do we remember our heroes better than our villains?”

Together, they profile the amusing, disturbing, and fascinating queer villains whose lives have been overlooked as historical icons. From Alexander the Great to J Edgar Hoover, the podcast explores everyone from emperors to criminals who have one thing in common: they all engaged in some form of same-sex or gender non-conforming behaviour that, in the context of today’s society, would label them as ‘gay’ or ‘queer’.

Vintage Lesbians

Vintage Lesbians is a queer podcast hosted by two friends, Shan and Alison, who discuss a range of LGBTQ+ history with a particular focus on historical lesbians.

Their episodes cover figures from mid-century authors, to pop culture icons, and they reference LGBTQ+ history that travels all the way back to Sappho of Lesbos. They also have an important episode available with must-know information for allies and families of queer kids.

Queer as Fact

Queer as Fact is an LGBTQ+ podcast developed by four Melbourne-based queer people with a background in history and a passion for sharing queer stories. Together, they explore a variety of topics from around the world and examine their place in the wider context of queer history.

Sibling Rivalry

This podcast from the minds of RuPaul’s Drag Race winners Bob the Drag Queen and Monét X Change has had a grip on Drag Race fans since it debuted in 2017. While the legends of drag dedicate many episodes of the series to talking about Drag Race, the pairing also discuss everything from Elon Musk to DILFs on their long-running podcast. 

This hilarious duo makes Sibling Rivalry one of our favourite LGBTQ+ podcasts streaming right now.

Race Chaser

If you’re looking for yet another Drag Race recap show to add to your weekly consumption, look no further than Race Chaser. Hosted by All Stars 2 winner, Alaska, and Season 4 alum, Willam, this podcast is dedicated to an insider’s review of every episode of Drag Race, ever. On top of discussing a backlog of episodes and reviewing new episodes as they come out, Willam and Alaska also offer listeners a “Hot Goss” segment, where they discuss rumours surrounding the production of the hit reality competition series.  

Queer Classified

James O’Hagan and Cian Sullivan have two LGBTQ+ podcasts under their belt: Sissy That Pod, and the Queer Classified podcast. Unlike Sissy That Pod, Queer Classified aims to revisit cult classics, forgotten gems and massive blockbusters through a “contemporary rainbow lens”.

Each week, the two hosts invite a special guest to their newest episode and discuss with them a movie, a TV show, a music video, a book or an album with one specific goal in mind: finding the appeal for the LGBTQ+ community and seeing how well it is portrayed.

Still Processing

Still Processing is a podcast co-hosted by film critic Wesley Morris and journalist Jenna Wortham. Discussing everything from the art of the celebrity apology to the legacy of icons like Tina Turner, Still Processing brings a queer sensibility to the pop culture and internet trends that keep all of us hooked. 

WOW Report

Featuring Fenton Bailey, the co-founder of WOW (World of Wonder) – the studio that produces RuPaul’s Drag Race – WOW chief creative officer, Tom Campbell, and WOW report editor, James St James, the WOW Report podcast offers a rundown of each week’s biggest news distilled through a queer lens. 

Horror Queers

Hosted by Joe Lipsett and Trace Thurman, this horrifying podcast analyses the relationship between horror films and queer culture. This long-running podcast draws LGBTQ+ connections to horror flicks as old as 1936’s queer-coded classic Dracula’s Daughter. 

The Bald and the Beautiful

In their out-of-drag personas, Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolochikova of RuPaul’s Drag Race fame, use their podcast The Bald and the Beautiful to discuss “the cultural boundaries of modern beauty and pop culture through spirited conversations.” This show-stopping pod also benefits from guest stars including models, moguls, influencers, and other Drag Race stars. 

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