The Ultimate Christmas Skin Package


Winter is upon us, and the Christmas season is sneaking up not far behind.


The weather has finally taken a colder turn, though the warmest November on record is playing havoc with our winter wardrobes! We wrap up because its cold, but by lunchtime we’re wishing we had worn something a bit less wintery – I was going to use the term ‘seasonal’ but am unsure as to whether that currently makes much sense.

The other unfortunate side-effect of the warm-cold cycle of our stuttering seasons is the fact is plays havoc with our skin. The constant barrage of cold air, rain, warm air, then sunlight doesn’t really ever give our skin much of a fighting chance to stay in tip-top condition. It gets dry and dull, exacerbating the appearance of our already paranoia-inducing lines and wrinkles, as well as increasing the chances of a mirror-avoiding break-out.

With impending work and social gatherings of the Christmas season fast approaching, what can we do to ensure our skin is the perfect accessory to our carefully selected party attire?

Luckily, there are a number of options available for us!

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Aesthetic treatments such as IPL can help rejuvenate our skin, giving it the glow and firmness that the weather onslaught has stripped away. IPL is also fantastic for treating red veins, broken veins and thread veins – completely reducing their unsightly appearance after only 2 or 3 sessions.

Combination treatments can really help improve your complexion.

Viora Reaction Skin Tightening and Anti-Wrinkle Injections together can take years off your appearance. The Anti-Wrinkle Injections being perfectly complemented by Viora Reaction’s skin firming effect – this combination being particularly suitable for tired or puffy eyes.

Dermal Fillers and Anti-wrinkles injections combined have become known as ‘The Liquid Facelift’, dramatically reducing the appearance of lines and wrinkles, giving you a more youthful, and energetic appearance.

These treatments and more, such as Scar Reduction treatments, Acne Treatments and Snoring Treatments are available at The Fitzwilliam Private Clinic.

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