Artist updates his wife's tattoo after son transitions


Lindsay altered her tattoo to better reflect her son’s true identity

Lindsay Peace had her husband, tattoo artist Steve, ink tattoos of their three kids Ace, Hamish and Elliot onto various parts of her body.

The original tattoo of her child Ace, showed a little girl wearing a pink dress with bows and pigtails.

But as Ace grew older, he realised he was transgender and now lives as a male teenager.

In respect of her son’s true gender, Lindsay considered removing the tattoo but her husband suggested they alter it instead.

The new, reworked tattoo replaces Ace’s dress with a pair of shorts and and a T-shirt. A purple flower on the collar of the dress in the original tattoo has been altered into a slingshot.

“We just winged it, and luckily it worked!” Steve said, in an interview with The Huffington Post.

Lindsay then surprised Ace, 15, with the new image.

“He loved it. Every step we have in this journey of ours he just gets happier and happier,” Steve said.

The couple shared the images on Facebook.

‘The reaction has been “100 per cent positive,” says Steve. “I guess there are people out there that have negative opinions, but thankfully they’re keeping it to themselves.”

“You have to support your kids. I mean, it’s tough when you hear that as a parent, but you have to be strong for your kids. You have to come to terms with it yourself, on your own time, and just have to offer 100 per cent support,” he added. steve peace tattoo

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