5 Times This Couple and Their Kids Owned Halloween

The couple in question, actor Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka, have been killing it costume-wise for years but since the birth of their kids they've kicked it up a notch.


It’s a wonder How I Met Your Mother star Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka even managed to tear themselves away from planning their Halloween outfits long enough to have children. Even before twins Harper and Gideon were born in 2010 the couple were Halloween costume masters, but addition of two little human props has led to the creation of some adorable family costumes.

Here’s NPH, Burtka and the twins’ celebrating their first Halloween together back in 2011. Note the utterly adorable Peter Pan theme: Neil is Captain Hook, Burtka is Peter Pan, Harper is Tinkerbell and I have no idea who Gideon is supposed to be, but it’s Pan-related for sure.

In 2012, the family went for the gayest costumes they could find, and dressed as the cast of The Wizard of Oz with NPH as Tin Man, hubby Burtka as the Scarecrow and twin Gideon and Harper as the Cowardly Lion and Dorothy, respectively. Gideon doesn’t look like he’s a fan of this one.

Keeping with the children’s books theme, the Patrick-Harris-Burktas kept it really classy in 2013 with an old-school Alice in Wonderland homage. NPH and Burtka were Tweedledee and ‘Dum, with Harper as Alice, wearing a dress dangerously similar to 2012’s. Gideon is an unhappy White Rabbit.

In fact, the family couldn’t restrict themselves to just one set of costumes so they also did the monster mash in 2013 (although in fairness this looks like it was for a photoshoot). Harper is really a costume savant – what other 2 year-old is so wig-savvy?

Opting for another classic set of costumes the family killed it as characters from the original ’60s Batman TV series in 2014. Hats off to NPH for that amazing Riddler outfit. Also, it’s nice to see a non-Leto/ Ledger Joker for a change, right?

*Yoda voice* In 2015, Star Wars themed costumes did the family adopt:

A long time ago in a Halloween far, far away….

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And finally, last year in 2016, the family opted for a Classical Hollywood icon theme with Burtka as Charlie Chaplin, NPH as Groucho Marx, Harper as Marilyn Monroe and Gideon channelling James Dean.

Have you ever seen such an adorable family? They’d make you sick.

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